How to Use Cafe Digital Signage

How to Use Cafe Digital Signage: A Guide to Attracting Customers

Do you still rely on paper menus and chalk special boards to get customers’ attention? For many businesses in the food industry, Cafe digital signage has become a harbinger of success. There is a good reason for this. In such a competitive food industry, your cafe shops must stand out.

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Cafe digital signage can provide a way for you to create a memorable and unique experience for customers. The key to this is the correct placement of the infrared touch screens. Simply putting them at the register won’t net the results you’re looking for, instead, you’ll need to be a little more creative.

Benefits of using Cafe digital signage

Attention-grabbing displays

All of us are surrounded by adverts every single day. You need to do something different to make your products stand out from your competitors.

Paper displays may be well designed but are static and can easily be ignored. Cafe digital signage is dynamic and more eye-catching. Special offers could be shown at different times of the day e.g. morning choice of coffee and croissant for breakfast, afternoon coffee and cake! Who could resist?

Improved customer experience

Coffee shop digital menu boards can enhance the overall customer experience by providing a visually appealing and engaging interface.

They can showcase high-quality images of food items, highlight promotions and special deals, and even incorporate videos to provide a better understanding of the products and services offered.

This can create a more immersive experience for customers and make their visit more memorable.

How to Use Cafe Digital Signage

Increase brand awareness

Cafe digital signage offers an additional avenue to improve your brand’s identity and boost brand awareness. This is done by using your digital menus to feature branded content and a consistent and cohesive brand image.

Some branded content you can highlight on your coffee shop’s screens includes videos that tell your brand’s story, imagery that furthers your brand’s theme and identity, and information about how your brand is giving back to the local community.

Extend social media presence

On Cafe digital signage platform, you can embed your live tweets as well as slideshows of images straight from Instagram or a Facebook gallery. Sharing pictures of your food and drinks is a great way to create a positive environment in your cafe and leave people hungry for more.

When it comes to social media, the most important thing is that cafes engage with their customer base. Digital displays can be used to encourage visitors to post pictures of their food or tweet about their experience. When the cafe’s account is tagged in these messages or perhaps a hashtag it promotes has been used, they can be pulled in and shared on the screen too.

How to Use Cafe Digital Signage

Customers will love seeing their messages up on a screen while they are tucking into their coffee and cake. This level of engagement is highly likely to boost a cafe’s following and presence online. In this way, Cafe digital signage has an impact offline and online.

Feature local advertising

To further that point, a lot of coffee shops are deeply integrated into the local community. The more vibrant and lively the local community, the more business the coffee shop will usually get.

For this reason, it’s also important for local coffee shops to consider letting local businesses and event organizers advertise on their digital displays. Not only does this boost community involvement, but it also can give cafes another source of revenue.

Placement Tips For Cafe Digital Signage

1. Facing The Street

If your cafe or coffee shop is on the street, it has access to large amounts of foot traffic. We recommend putting a Window digital display facing the street.

This display could show a range of content, but will primarily be used to distinguish your cafe from those in the surrounding area. You want your cafe digital menu board to be eye-catching and encourage potential customers to walk in and place their orders. This is people’s first impression of your business and you want it to show personality.

How to Use Cafe Digital Signage

2. On A Pillar Or Wall

After your new customers have walked in thanks to your street-facing display you now have to keep them enticed long enough to place an order. To do this you could set up Cafe digital signage on the wall or pillar they will be waiting near.

If you are a local gathering place you could showcase staff achievements or community projects you are involved with. If you are a specialty barista you could use videos to showcase your process, this screen is to keep customers entertained and relieve the stress of waiting in line.

3. As an Interactive Kiosk

This option is for more tech-savvy operators and larger stores as it requires slightly more space. If you can, you could set up interactive self-serve kiosks in your cafe to allow customers to order their coffee or food. This not only frees up staff to allow them to do other duties but provides customers with an alternative ordering experience.

How to Use Cafe Digital Signage

4. At The Register

Now, we know we said not to just throw a screen up at the register and expect results to happen like that. But when combined with other digital signage putting a screen behind or in front of the register can be beneficial.

This screen’s primary purpose is to be informative to customers and should showcase things such as; the menu, promotions, deals, and even recommendations. This is what has become known as a digital menu board, and is becoming increasingly popular in not only big chain restaurants like McDonalds but also in local coffee places.

5. In Staff Areas

Cafe digital signage isn’t just limited to customers. You can use cafe digital menu board in staff areas such as break rooms to help keep your staff informed. From safety campaigns to displaying their rosters and schedules. If your staff knows when and where to be, along with correct procedures, you can focus on great customer service.

Realistically, cafe digital signage can be placed anywhere with access to power and the internet. You can use your new cafe digital menu board to not only display information about your business but also sell this screen inventory as an advertising platform to advertising companies.

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Cafe digital signage can help portray your café as an authentic and unique place of business. In addition to brand-building content, coffee shops can also use their digital signage for product promotions. For example, you can feature seasonal beverages or food and drink combos on your digital signage.
Cafe digital signage can increase foot traffic, boost sales, improve customer experience, and save you money.