How to use Theme Parks Digital Signage

How to use Theme Parks Digital Signage to Increase Revenue

People visit theme parks to spend a fun, adventure-filled day with friends and family. These destinations provide an escape from modern life to a fantasy world created for a splash of refreshment and relief. To improve this experience, theme and amusement parks are now opting for Theme Parks Digital Signage.

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Most amusement park businesses are using digital signage for customer service, ticketing purposes, offering directions, promoting applications, displaying safety messages, directing customers within retail stores, and as digital menu boards. They both use digital signage solutions to streamline the guest experience.

How to Use Theme Parks Digital Signage

Digital signage offers theme parks an innovative way to creatively inform, engage, and advertise to their guests. Theme Parks Digital Signage has proven to not only increase revenues but also provide emotional value and enhance guests’ overall experience.

Here are some creative yet practical ways you can use Theme Parks Digital Signage:

1. Welcome Screens to Excite Visitors

Your entrance is where your guests begin their journey, and therefore, a proper welcome will grant the right first impression. With digital signage at the entrances of your theme park, you can customize captivating content, such as welcoming messages, exclusive events, and videos of people enjoying the best activities and new rides in your park.

This can help create hype and the right energy to attract, motivate, and engage your guests and potential customers.

How to use Theme Parks Digital Signage

2. Inform & Engage Visitors at Ticket Booths

Theme park digital signage can provide information on your ticket boards to let your customers know about ticket prices, special offers, membership specials, and exclusive events. It is also a great place for you to advertise group package deals and special rates, such as for birthday parties, company events, and any other celebration events. By incorporating Theme Parks Digital Signage, you can enhance the guest experience and improve communication with your visitors, making it easier for them to navigate your park and discover all the exciting things it has to offer.

3. Reduce Perceived Waiting Time

Inevitably, people sometimes must wait in line, which will eventually exacerbate their impatience. You can convert this situation into an opportunity to drive more revenue with Theme Parks Digital Signage. By showing informative content, such as park-related videos, themed trivia, and a special-events schedule, you can help reduce perceived wait time while keeping guests informed.

In addition, you can also use large digital displays to display a live queue status and allow guests to join the queue virtually via smart queue-management solutions. This way, Theme Parks Digital Signage keeps your visitors entertained, resulting in a better waiting experience. When guests are pleased, they’re likely to stay in your park longer and spend more money.

How to use Theme Parks Digital Signage

4. Make Navigation Easier

In today’s theme parks, it’s easy to lose track of direction amidst the excitement. That’s why Theme Parks Digital Signage displays are a must-have. From large outdoor digital displays to outdoor interactive kiosks, theme park digital signage can act as directories to guide guests to where they want to be. By displaying intuitive 2D or 3D maps (or “You are here” maps), directions to various rides, and other graphics, visitors can easily navigate a sprawling park.

Theme Parks Digital Signage can also be used to showcase important park information, like show schedules and attraction wait times. Ensure that the maps are color-coded to make them easy to understand, and your signage will be a hit with guests.

How to use Theme Parks Digital Signage

In addition, compared to traditional printed maps, Theme Parks Digital Signage is not only the most cost-effective way to manage and update your directory but also the most interactive and efficient way to direct your guests to the right place.

5. Share Weather Forecasts

Theme parks can deploy digital signage solutions at designated locations (especially in high-traffic areas) to quickly notify visitors of weather conditions. If you have an outdoor theme park, you can keep your visitors informed about the most up-to-date weather conditions to help them prepare for a great outdoor experience.

On the other hand, for an indoor theme park, you can help your visitors plan their time accordingly to cope with weather changes.

How to use Theme Parks Digital Signage

6. Deliver Timely Information & Emergency Alerts

Using Theme Parks Digital Signage, you can deliver timely information such as closing reminders, event notifications, and more.

With CMS software, you can make timely updates to all your digital signage across the whole park with ease. In case of unpredictable emergencies, you can easily update all the screens inside and outside the park to broadcast urgent alerts to your visitors. Theme Parks Digital Signage will not only ensure that your visitors are always informed but also give you the option to execute a full evacuation quickly if necessary.

7. Digital Menu Boards for Cafes, Restaurants, and Food Stalls

Let’s not forget about the food stalls, cafes, and restaurants you may have at your theme park. Compared to traditional printed signs, digital menu boards offer a new way to display your menus in an eye-catching way. You can not only attract attention with captivating animation but also show vibrant food images to stimulate your visitors’ appetites and encourage ordering and purchasing. In addition, you can advertise your top-selling items, limited-time offers, and exclusive products to cross-sell and upsell your visitors.

How to use Theme Parks Digital Signage

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Digital signage is the only technology that can be updated at an instant – display ride closures and opening times on an interactive map rather than traditional print-based solutions. Easily communicate with guests across wide areas, while making sure your park’s brand and message shine bright at the same time.
Digital signage offers theme parks an innovative way to creatively inform, engage, and advertise to their guests. Theme Parks Digital Signage has proven to not only increase revenues but also provide emotional value and enhance guests’ overall experience.