Industrial computer And Ordinary Computer

Difference Between Industrial computer And Ordinary Computer

Industrial computer has gradually become synonymous with Industrial Panel PC and industrial control computers and has been widely used in self-service terminals, medical treatment, transportation, electric power, network, finance, and industrial control.

With the excavation of the needs of different industries, the demand for Industrial computer is also increasing, and industrial panel PC for industrial customization requirements have become a new trend.

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Difference between Industrial computer and ordinary computer


Once an ordinary computer is produced into a finished product, it cannot be changed at will, while the industrial panel computer, its industrial motherboard can flexibly meet the subsequent special needs of some customers. Can realize user customization. Better and more perfect to meet the customer’s demand environment.

Industrial computer And Ordinary Computer


Ordinary commercial motherboards only provide simple remote management. In addition to providing similar remote connection management, industrial motherboards can also realize remote unattended automatic switch machine functions.

Industrial computer And Ordinary Computer

Life Cycle

Due to the fast internal upgrading of commercial computers, the general commercial motherboards only have a life cycle of six months to one year. The motherboard of an Industrial computer can reach a life cycle of up to 5 years or even more than 10 years.

Protection Function

The protection function only appears on the nuclear Industrial computer, which fully guarantees the high stability requirements of the system in harsh environments.

Industrial computer And Ordinary Computer

Product Reliability

Due to different market positioning, authentication methods and testing methods are different. It will have much stricter requirements for Industrial computer.


Ordinary Computers are characterized by low sales prices owing to the fact that they are general-purpose and mass-produced. They also use low-cost parts to achieve further price reductions.
However, because industrial PCs provide specialized functions and the durability to withstand continuous use, they are difficult to mass produce and prices are high.

All the above is some explanation for the difference between Industrial computer and ordinary computers. Generally speaking, the performance of industrial computers is more stable and reliable, and the scope of adaptation is wider than ordinary computers. Customers should consider comprehensively their own application environment and configuration requirements when choosing, in order to find the most cost-effective products.

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The power supply spec of the industrial monitor depends on its main board.
Choosing a suitable Industrial computer can be considered from the following aspects: Installation mode, size, panel structure, signal type, and LCD screen performance.