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Benefits of information display kiosk in the development of tourism

As the digital signage trend grows, the tourism and travel industry begins to use this digital information to encourage tourists to better explore the destinations they visit. These interactive Information display kiosk provide a kind of virtual “tour” through the various tourist spots, giving even more charm to the place. In addition, these digital kiosks are a way to attract tourists and provide them with important information, which makes them feel more connected while traveling.

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Information display kiosk functionalities for tourism

Information display kiosk have proven to be the best marketing tools, especially for tourist attractions, as they provide up-to-date information at all times. But other features stand out, such as:

  • Information with city maps, tourist attractions, public transportation, and contacts;
  • Interactive experiences for tourists, trips and tours;
  • Purchase of tickets;
  • Wireless hotspot for hotels;
  • Check-in and check-out at hotels;
  • Information about the hotel, services, spas, among others.
Information display kiosk

9 benefits of Information display kiosk for tourism

1. Improving the visitor experience

In addition to providing up-to-date information to tourists (which may include prices, opening hours, maps, and other crucial information), Information display kiosk also display photographs and videos. This quick and easy-to-use system, by providing important information about the destination in question, allows the visitor to feel more involved.

2. Elimination of language barriers

By offering the tourist the option of choosing the desired language, the Information display kiosk makes it even easier to find information – without language barriers.

Information display kiosk

3. Provision of a permanently updated service

The access to constantly updated information, anywhere and anytime, turns out to be a novelty for tourists.

4. Increased revenue for local companies

Through Information display kiosk and their ability to promote tourist attractions, many local companies can increase their revenue.

5. Interactive tourism

The fact that the Information display kiosk are interactive promotes the curiosity of visitors. As far as information and communication systems are concerned, society is making less and less use of traditional information media, thus requiring new systems in which technology disseminates the necessary information in real-time and in a more attractive, accessible, and organized way.

Information display kiosk

6. Advertising

The Information display kiosk allow companies and organizations to promote their products, events, attractions, and offers through the exhibition of interactive information.

7. Accessibility

Taking into account all the features of Information display kiosk, it is important to highlight the usefulness they have for people with some kind of disability. They are a great tool to provide information to people with visual or hearing problems as they display images and produce sounds.

Information display kiosk

8. Multimedia

With the Information display kiosk, it is possible to take pictures, which allows, therefore, the impression of experiences.

Information display kiosk

9. Easy and intuitive use

The freestanding digital display, produced to enhance visitor involvement and experience, are easy and intuitive to use.

Information display kiosk are universal and are increasingly used all over the world, allowing everyone to enjoy the places they visit. They are also, in a way, simplifying different aspects of the travel and tourism industry.

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Information display kiosk provide instant access to a wealth of information, from local attractions to public transit schedules, all in one place. This makes it easier for tourists to plan their trips and navigate new destinations.
An interactive Information display kiosk is a computer terminal featuring specialized hardware and software that provides access to information and applications for communication, commerce, entertainment, or education.