Touch technology is a fast and convenient human-computer interaction technology. Using touch screen can get rid of the shackles of mouse and keyboard, and human-computer interaction can be realized through fingers or touch pen.

At present, there are no less than 10 kinds of mainstream touch technologies, and each touch technology has its own advantages and disadvantages in different applications. Then, how to choose a suitable touch technology for your product, we suggest those information to be noticed:

before selecting suitable touch technology


Which size of touch screen technology do you need? (Usually refers to the diagonal size of the visual area)

What color do you need: white/black/gray?

Where is the touch product applied? Is it desktop or wall-mounted?

Effective touch area: the size of the touch screen is not equal to the size of the effective touch area. Before selecting the touch screen, please confirm the size of the effective touch area.

Types of touch screen

Light transmittance: Do you need a touch screen with 100% light transmittance or a touch screen with less than 100% light transmittance?

Surface hardness: What is the application environment of touch screen? Do you need waterproof or violent clicks?

Accuracy: Do you need flexible and fast handwritten touch?

What kind of screen do you need? Do glass or other materials need special treatment?


controller is the core hardware of the touch screen system, and the detection and processing of signals when the touch screen is working are completed by the controller.

Interface: USB/Serial?

Mounting: built-in, internal/external cards?

Components of Touch system

Touch System is composed of touch screen, controller and computer host. Touch screen is only one of the components of Touch system, and controller and computer host are essential for Touch system. If you want the computer to have the touch function quickly, the best way is to use the touch screen monitor. computer kiosk or all in one tablet.

One more thing

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