Suitable place

Body temp access control display can be used in public service such as office areas, hotels, aisle gates, buildings, schools, shopping malls, communities, construction sites and other places that require facial access recognition…

Product Characteristics

Wide dynamic dual camera

Infra-red and RGB LED fill light at night. support uart, wiegand 26/34 input and output.

Tracking recognition algorithm

Dynamic face detection base on video stream.

Body temp detect

Accuracy±0.3°. Distance 0.5~1 meters.

1:N Face recognition

Support 20 thousand face database. Accuracy 99.99%.

Multiple devices

I/O port, Serial port, Uart, Wiegand, IC/ID card reader, Fingerprint device.

temperature control with facial access recognition

Super strong CPU, both eyes RGB with infra-red camera, white、green、red LED fill-in light, double infra-red fill-in light, Can do face check、distinguish check、attribute check、living thing check.

Infrared body temp access control display with facial recognition C01 min

Strong & durable

Plate type facial access recognition use aluminium shell, waterproof; dustproof; high temperature resistance.

Multiple interfaces and installation methods

Use to smart finance, city, campus, work site, community, electric, environmental protection, fire control.

For better tomorrow

In response to the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), We have to use intelligent technology to resist, all for better tomorrow.

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8 inch Ultra thin face temperature measurement