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What is RJ45 interface

What is RJ45 interface?

RJ45 has not only interfaces, but also corresponding crystal heads, mainly referring to 8-pin connectors, which are mainly used for Ethernet. “RJ” means Registered jacks, “45” indicates the standard serial number of the interface. RJ45 usually connects the end to an Ethernet cable, which is used to connect various network devices, such as computers, routers, switches, etc.

What is Type C 02 min

What is Type-C?

In recent years, Type-C has attracted much attention due to its “fast, strong and small” characteristics. Now more and more products begin to adopt Type-C interfaces, and in the future, Type-C will also unify the world of interfaces. So, what exactly is this Type-C?

Linux compared with windows

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Linux compared with windows?

Windows and Linux are two completely different operating systems. Windows is a commercial operating system developed by Microsoft. More than 90% of computers in the world use Windows operating systems. Linux is an open source and free operating system that can be used without paying for it. Many servers around the world use this operating system.

The difference between RS232, RS485 and USB serial interfaces

The difference between RS232, RS485 and USB serial interfaces

RS232 and RS485 have always been the common interfaces of weak current. The two serial ports have a lot of basic knowledge, including electrical characteristics, mechanical characteristics, link layer, transmission control and other aspects, this article will compare two common interfaces from a simpler perspective and from the differences between the two sides. And from the current practical point of view, such as RS232 and RS485 conversion, and USB conversion, etc.

Six common problems of LCD advertising display

Six common problems of LCD advertising display

LCD advertising display is a new platform for advertising communication at present. Its fields include transportation hubs, shopping malls, museums, banks and many other public places. The lifespan of LCD advertising display is more than 6 years, the possibility of problems in the use of LCD advertising display is inevitable, so it is very necessary for users to master some basic solutions to the faults of LCD advertising display.

ARM architecture and X86 architecture

What difference between arm architecture and x86 architecture

We will mainly introduces the differences between arm architecture and x86 architecture. Firstly, it introduces ARM architecture diagram, secondly, it introduces x86 architecture diagram, and finally from the aspects of performance, scalability, operating system compatibility, the convenience of software development, the diversity of available tools and power consumption are compared in detail between arm architecture and x86 architecture.

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