LCD advertising display changes the interaction mode of office area information

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    LCD advertising display at the front desk and office area have changed the way information is communicated in the office and business environment.

    LCD advertising display and Floor stand advertising display replace the signs that are usually hung on the wall, front desk or the glass doors and windows for welcome, LCD advertising display or Floor stand advertising display replaces all the messy ordinary signs. Now, corporate organization information and corporate target positioning will show excellent visual effects through Advertising display.

    Advertising display’s stylish design and functional expansion have given the best first impression in the business reception area. The information includes the visitor’s welcome, meeting schedule and meeting briefing, on-site information in the office area, and various types of company Instant notifications, etc. Floor stand advertising display has a sense of fashion and modernity and can adapt to and enhance the look and feel of the environment anywhere in the office area.

    For the general reception area or unattended front desk, LCD advertising display has become the visual focus, which can display company-related graphics and video information, notifications and announcement information, so that visitors can timely understand the company’s information, to feel as at home.

    Even in small reception areas, a wall-mounted LCD advertising display can be placed. The wall-mounted LCD advertising display is neatly installed on the wall bracket, and the bracket can adjust the display angle of the advertising display accordingly.

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