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4 characteristics of the LCD advertising player

4 characteristics of the LCD advertising player - Table of contents:

LCD advertising player has been widely used in various industries, and the application scope is still expanding. The popular application of LCD AD player has not only been loved by the merchants but also been recognized by the majority of consumers.

LCD advertising player

Advertising LCD display can support Android, Windows, and Stand-alone 3 standard operating systems, touch control mode has infrared, capacitive, resistance, sound wave, and other touch types. LCD touch screen kiosk has intelligent, HD, interactive, feeling, transparency, wisdom, and other characteristics. It can be customized according to different usage scenarios and user needs.

Advertising LCD displays can also support fingerprint instruments, scanners, card readers, micro printers, and other peripherals, which can achieve fingerprint attendance, credit card, printing, and other specific requirements.

Functions of the LCD advertising player:

1. Group management

The wireless network advertising display system can assign the playback terminal with the same requirements to the same group, then implement centralized management, so that the same group can play the same advertising source.

Moreover, the predetermined advertising display content can also be played within a predetermined time period, so that different advertisements can also be played in different time periods.

2. Remote Settings

Wireless network advertising displays and LCD advertising displays can be controlled remotely. For example, if we are in different places, we can also remotely control the broadcast of the advertising display through the network.

In addition, it can also remotely set the restart of the wireless network advertising display, volume, automatic on / shutdown time, remote formatting, remote update advertising display terminal software, etc.

LCD advertising player

3. Video format

Because there are many kinds of video formats, the wireless network advertising display is able to facilitate the use of users, its wireless network advertising display system can support JPG, JPEG pictures, support MPEG 1 / 2 / 4 (DIVX, XVID), M-JPEG, AVI and other video formats to play. It also supports local storage without shutdown due to network failure.

4. Document management

The wireless network advertising display system can upload or delete the AD source at any time and place, and it can upload files for online preview, to ensure the accuracy of the broadcast content. In addition, it can create different playlists as needed.

LCD advertising player

Four characteristics:

1. LCD advertising player is highly cost-effective

The cost performance of LCD advertising player is very high, this should be the most important factor of LCD advertising displays liked by everyone.

Compared with traditional media, LCD advertising displays because of its highly effective arrival rate, the audience is tens of millions every day, so the cost of thousands of people is relatively low, so the first choice for advertising is LCD advertising player.

2. The broadcast form of LCD AD player is flexible

Different from traditional advertising, LCD advertising player broadcast form is very flexible, LCD AD player can use video, pictures, text, and other multimedia elements form, played by the terminal software random switch control, simple and convenient operation, but also can be adapted to local conditions and the marketing activities of the product together.

For example, promote the current promotion of the product with rolling subtitles at the bottom of the screen, which can effectively shorten the distance between consumers and the product, and arouse people’s desire to buy it.

LCD advertising player

3. The style of LCD AD player is diversified

Usually, LCD AD player can be divided into 3 types: vehicle type, floor standing type, and wall mounted type. Sizes from 8”-86” are available . So the Advertising LCD display style diversification can easily meet consumers whether applied in any place or any problem.

4. The wide application field of LCD advertising player

Since the launch of the LCD advertising display, after rapid development, the current scope of fields that can be applied are government departments, transportation, energy, public security, military, forestry, medical care, etc., The Advertising LCD display can provide high-quality professional services for them. So no matter what industry you do, you can use it easily.

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The 4 special functions of LCD advertising player are convenient for group management, remote setting, support for multiple video formats and more convenient file management;
The 4 characteristics of LCD ad player are highly cost-effective, flexible play form, diversified display mode and wider application fields;