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Why select LCD bar display?

For different

LCD bar display are highly unusual so offer a niche and unique flair that many museum and art designs reap the benefits from.

For everyone

LCD bar display as digital signage models ideal for retail installs as well as industrial grade components, better suited to more trying environments.

As opportunity

With a resolution of for example 1920 x 1080 or 4K cut display they offer prospects which are not achievable with a standard LCD screen.

Size restraints

Some applications may be restricted on size where standard LCDs cannot fit! bar display screen reveal new, fresh, and exciting install ideas.

Multiple Options

Not just for panels, kits, display schemes and case settings – LCD bar display has the widest range of options.

Touch Interaction

Various touch options including Infrared and Projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen.

LCD bar display with Android OS

LCD bar display supports all video, file, network streaming media format;

Pre-installed native Android system, built-in google Play Store and other Google applications.

Also pre-installed custom system, including customized Andrews system or raspberry system.

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Multiple LCD bar display are linked together to make them a big digital vivid canvas.

LCD bar display not only benefits from the solution but also its IPS high brightness screen, with high light transmittance and
low power consumption, releasing any angle of color, making the screen more realistic and fuller.

LCD bar display applied to all kinds of scenes

LCD bar display adopts low-power ARM architecture combined with networked combined playback design advertising content; With USB/serial port for peripheral expansion; applied to all kinds of scenes that need to display interaction…

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LCD bar display also known as BAR / bar type / bar top displays. The ultra-wide aspect ratio is perfect for grabbing your audience’s attention, and the high brightness display gives perfect visual performance in a wide variety of applications.

These amazing displays can be used in a wide, varied amount of applications but can be seen to be tailored perfectly for gaming, vending, transportation, Museums and other LED signage projects.

The contrast of brilliant cutting displays and high brightness displays can also expand your application field into the all market.

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LCD bar display for advertising directly on the shelf edge and it is huge advantage which customers have been asking us for years!

LCD bar display have a DVI input as standard (HDMI available) with options of inbuilt Linux media players.
It gives the flexibility for installation and applications.

There are also touch interactive options.

And available as a panel and kit (without housing) for being integrated into your own designs.

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