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General LCD display related terms in English and Chinese abbreviations

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LCD display related terms

The following is a list of general LCD display related terms in English and Chinese abbreviations, mainly for the relevant practitioners in the work, with a cross-reference table to reflect the way, of course, you can also browse by way of search…

Abbreviation/缩写 English Name 中文名称
FI Final inspection 最终检查
P/F protective film 保护膜
QA Quality assurance 品质保证
Dot sub pixel 子像素
Screw Screw 螺丝
OQC Out-going Quality Control 出货品质保证
PLT Pallet 托盘
Mura Mura Inspection 斑纹
Tape Tape 胶带
OP Operater 操作者,作业员
BCR barcode reader 条形码读码器
T/C top cap 顶盖
S/C Scratch 划伤
LCD Liquid Crystal Display 液晶显示器
B/L Backlight 背光板
B/C Bottom cover 底盖
LCM LCD module 液晶显示模块
PID Panel number 面板编号
P/D Point bad 点不良
Inverter Inverter 变压器
Module Module 模组
P/N Part No 部品号
Pin hole Pin hole 针孔
CNT Coaxial Network Terminator 连接器
Model Model 型号
BM Black mark 黑格
F/M foreign matter 异物
C/S Protective cover 保护盖
M/C Model change 换型
Aging Aging 老化
Tapping Tapping 敲打
Hook Hook 卡扣
Gray Level Gray Level 灰阶
TV television 电视
Aging Chamber Aging Chamber 老化室
S/N Serial number 序列号
Tool Tool 工具
MNT Desktop computers 台式电脑
Cooling Cooling 冷却
Label Label 标签
Wiper Wiper 无尘布
NBPC Notebook PC 笔记本电脑
Buyer Buyer 客户
Cable Cable 电线
Loupe Loupe 放大镜
Screw Hole Screw Hole 螺纹孔
TFT-LCD Thin Film Transistor-Liquid Crystal Display 超薄液晶显示器
Spec Specification 规格,范围
BlemishGauge BlemishGauge 瑕疵测量仪
TFT thin film transistor 薄膜晶体管
PCB Printed Circuit Board 印刷电路板
W width