LCD Stretched Advertising Display

Advantages of Using LCD Stretched Advertising Display In Shopping Mall

With the development of urban intelligence, the application fields of LCD stretched advertising display are becoming more extensive, bringing convenience to people’s lives and work. For example, in the application of stretched screen advertising displays in shopping malls, merchants can independently edit and play advertising content according to the mall’s own needs and the requirements of suppliers, such as shopping mall promotional videos, shopping mall event promotions, shopping mall emergency, etc… So what benefits does the stretched advertising display bring to people when used in shopping malls? In this article, we will introduce the six benefits of using stretched advertising displays in shopping malls.

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The Advantage of Using LCD Stretched Advertising Display In Shopping Malls

1. The stretched bar lcd display facilitates innovation

If new products or new stores are added, the use of special advertising displays for shopping malls can be used to promote the entire shopping mall. I believe the advertising effect will be much better than directly using physical objects to promote at the door of the store. Not only can it advertise newly added products and stores, but it also brings profits to the mall.

Customers can also learn more about the specific situation of the product or store through the touch function of the dedicated advertising display in the mall.

LCD Stretched Advertising Display

2. The LCD stretched advertising display facilitates direct communication

Consumers can interact with the mall through the mall’s dedicated advertising display, and the mall can also use it to conduct real-time monitoring and big data analysis to investigate the mall’s passenger flow and customer opinions and make better improvements in future work.

3. The LCD stretched advertising display can play a decorative role

Advertising displays have been added to the shopping mall decoration to make it more vivid and high-end, replacing the traditional mess of pasting posters everywhere, thus attracting more customers.

4. The stretched screen advertising display can play a promotional role

Merchants can turn the products they sell into commercials and play them on advertising displays so that consumers can fully understand them.

LCD Stretched Advertising Display

5. The stretched advertising displays can effectively attract customers

No matter where they are, high-tech products can always attract the attention of consumers. The special LCD stretched advertising display in the shopping mall can not only play the role of inquiry but also install the corresponding software. It can also be used as a tool for singing karaoke and a machine for playing games.

No matter which function is still very attractive to customers, it is good to After the word-of-mouth comes out, more and more customers will come here, and the consumption and benefits it brings to the mall can be imagined.

LCD Stretched Advertising Display

6. The stretched advertising displays can effectively guide customer flow

You must know that a shopping mall is a place with high mobility and many merchants. Countless guests are welcomed every day, which leads to a serious customer diversion problem. In many shopping malls, there are even more shopping guides than service staff, seriously affecting the efficiency of the mall.

LCD Stretched Advertising Display

What Other Area LCD Stretched Advertising Display Use For

1. In the medical field: LCD stretched displays are widely used in various medical equipment, such as electrocardiographs, ultrasonic diagnostic machines, ventilators, etc. These devices need to display patients’ physiological data and diagnostic results in real-time, so the high definition and long life of the long strip display are very suitable for such applications.

2. In the field of industrial control: Long strip displays are also widely used in various control systems, such as PLC, DCS, robots, etc.

LCD Stretched Advertising Display

3. In the field of smart home: The LCD stretched advertising display can be used as part of the smart home control center to display the status and control information of various smart devices. Since the stretched display has a long shape and can be more flexibly adapted to different home decoration styles, it has been widely used.

4. In the aerospace field: Stretched displays can be used as part of flight instruments to display various flight parameters such as flight speed, altitude, heading, etc. The stretched display improves flight safety and reduces maintenance costs due to its high definition and long life.


Stretched digital signage can be a valuable business tool, especially for those who have limited space. It is an effective display when it comes to relaying your messages clearly and uninterruptedly. Maximize customer engagement and drive sales revenues by using the stretched digital signage in your business today.

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The LCD stretched advertising display has an aspect ratio greater than 3:1, offering ultra-wide viewing angles, high brightness, and a wide color gamut. It’s not only durable and long-lasting but also customizable to meet specific needs.
To sum up, light emitting diode (LED) and liquid crystal display (LCD) are terms used to describe types of display technology. Technically speaking, LED uses a backlight technology instead of a fluorescent tube. LED monitors have longer lifespans and provide sharper and higher-quality images than LCD monitors.