LED or LCD screen

Please don’t ask LED or LCD screen which is better!

Please don’t ask LED or LCD screen which is better! - Table of contents:

LED or LCD screen

For a long time, many people always ask when buying an industrial monitor: Which is better, LED or LCD screen?

Here we want to popularize science. These are completely two concepts!

LCD panel and LED backlight are used together! There is no comparison between these two things! Just like the mouse and keyboard!

The comparison object of LCD panel is TN IPS VA screen!

The comparison objects of the backlight are CCFL and LED!

LCD, full name Liquid Crystal Display, the operation principle of liquid crystal display can be summarized as using an external electric field to change the arrangement of liquid crystal materials in LCD panel, thus affecting light change the brightness and color of reality by the number of polarizers and filters, as mentioned here the light is the backlight module.

LCD panel (TN panel, VA panel, IPS panel, etc.) cannot emit light by themselves, so it needs something to illuminate them, which is called backlight.

LED or LCD screen

There are many kinds of backlights, but what we see most now is LED backlights. Before 2010, the mainstream of civilian displays was CCFL(Cold cathode fluorescent lamp) translated into Chinese called Fluorescent tube!

LED backlight

LED or LCD screen

The full name of the “LED screen” we usually call LED-backlit LCD. Do you see the big LCD behind? The LED we call also refers to his backlight.

At present, mainstream civilian-grade displays (including notebook displays) basically use LED backlight, and CCFL backlight Displays are almost extinct.

LED or LCD screen

CCFL backlight

However, the CCFL display we used before used as the backlight of the fluorescent tube. Due to the maturity of LED backlight technology, power consumption, thickness, in terms of weight and heat, CCFL backlight, which is definitely bigger than LED backlight, will be gradually eliminated.
LED or LCD screen

CRT display

As for the previous big butt display, its scientific name is CRT display, whose full name is Cathode Ray picture Tube display (Cathode Ray Tube). The working principle is completely different from that of LCD. Now it has been basically eliminated in the civil field.

LED or LCD screen

LED screen

Then, some people are not convinced. There is obviously something like LED screen. Why do you say it is backlit!

Well, that thing does exist. It looks like this:

LED or LCD screen


As for the latest OLED, full name in Chinese Organic Light Emitting Diode, is a brand new display technology.
LED or LCD screen

OLED screen is a self-luminous screen without backlighting, which is essentially different from LCD screen.

LED or LCD screen
Finally, put a picture to help you understand the affiliation, I hope that after reading this article, readers will not ask questions like “Which is better, LED or LCD screen?” “which is better, IPS or LED screen?”.
LED or LCD screen

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