Live Stream All in One

Live Stream All in One-The Ultimate Guide to Live Streaming

In such an era of media convergence, almost everyone is a walking IP. Many friends will share their stories or show off their talents with the public through live broadcast platforms, and each video may attract fans’ attention and comments. In order to better help these traffic celebrities, the Live Stream All in One appeared.

Live Stream All in One

E live broadcast has become an essential part of people’s lives, especially live broadcasts to deliver goods. Since the beginning of 2020, due to the impact of the pandemic, offline business has been greatly affected, but it has also brought new opportunities to online businesses. Various live broadcast services have developed more rapidly. Even county and city leaders in many places have begun to One after another, they took to the stage to carry out live broadcast tablet.

Live broadcasting has become one of the hottest Internet trends at the moment. As an emerging e-commerce model, live streaming has attracted a diverse group of people from white-collar workers to entrepreneurs, from grassroots to internet celebrities, and has exploded into a rapidly growing market during the epidemic. Strong power. There are thousands of anchors. How to stand out from the crowd of live broadcasts more quickly depends not only on the anchor’s own eloquence but also on the availability of Live Stream All in One equipment.

What is a Live Stream All in One device?

The Live Stream All in One device is a real-time streaming media broadcast system based on the Android system. It is generally composed of a camera, a microphone, an audio processing unit, an encoding unit, a communication module, and a power module. It is a product that is widely used in the video industry and has strong functions.

Live Stream All in One

It is connected to the computer through a WIFI/4G network and can transmit the content in the computer to the big screen in real time, enabling real-time video viewing and interaction on the mobile phone. Real-time high-definition video is played on a large screen through the computer, allowing users to watch the live broadcast anytime and anywhere. At the same time, multi-screen interaction can realize multi-screen display and synchronous playback in multiple scenarios.

Features of Live Stream All in One device

  • Stable and portable hardware combination, with built-in sound card, speakers, microphones, and other professional live broadcast equipment, reducing the cost and complexity of equipment procurement, replacement, and debugging.
  • Audio and video integration reduces the difficulty of debugging audio and video beautification effects; the 10-inch touch screen stably pushes 1080p/720p images without deteriorating image quality due to heat; supports computers and mobile phones to access background sound and play music through the local speakers, both the anchor and the audience can hear better sound effects.
  • Rich interfaces, supporting external headphones, XLR microphone, wired network, computer and mobile phone background sounds, keyboard, mouse, etc.
Live Stream All in One
  • Provides green screen cutout function to easily create exclusive live broadcast room.
  • Provides multiple live broadcast functions, supporting one machine to start live broadcasts on multiple platforms at the same time.
  • It has functions such as high-definition picture quality, intelligent voice control, and multimedia playback, which can meet users’ various needs for live broadcasts.

Advantages of live streaming all-in-one device

Live Stream All in One
  1. There is no need to install the equipment, and it will start broadcasting immediately after turning on the machine.
  2. Better performance, higher stability, and finer image quality.
  3. Supports two-way operation, is compatible with a variety of terminal devices and software apps, and is suitable for different scenarios. For example, home working, teaching, and other scenarios.
  4. The live broadcast operation is simple, and you can find a live broadcast scene suitable for your product in a short period of time.
  5. Low power consumption, energy saving, good heat dissipation, and can be broadcast continuously for 3-5 days.
  6. The configuration is high, the effect is clear and stable, and it can bring a good experience.
  7. Large external storage space and strong scalability.
  8. Multiple parties can watch online at the same time.
  9. Can support three-screen interaction on mobile phones, computers, and TVs.
  10. Adopting high-definition camera design, the picture is restored with high fidelity, the video is clear, the color is rich, there is no delay, and it beats the Apple mobile phone.
  11. Supports dual-channel audio and video transmission, and can be transcoded and output in real time. Can live broadcast, video chat, remote conference, online education, etc. to meet various application needs.

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You can multistream on Twitch and other platforms simultaneously, like YouTube, using Restream.
It is generally composed of a camera, a microphone, an audio processing unit, an encoding unit, a communication module, and a power module.