Mirror Advertising display

The Power of Mirror Advertising Displays: A Comprehensive Guide

With the development of society, advertising displays on the market are becoming more and more popular among merchants.

There are many types of advertising displays with a wide range of applications. At present, advertising displays on the market include double-sided advertising displays, mirror advertising displays, single or double-sided hanging/wall-mounted advertising displays, elevator advertising displays, touch all-in-one displays, and other applications in different scenarios. The functional advantages are very significant.

Mirror Advertising display

No matter where you are, you can see all kinds of advertising displays in front of your eyes, and the content in the advertising displays is displayed in front of your eyes, which makes people want to get rid of it but can’t get rid of it. So what are the principles and characteristics of the mirror advertising display, and where are they mainly used?

What is a mirror advertising display?

The mirror advertising display is also called “the mirror perspective media player”. Simply put, it is a mirror that can display advertisements. Through the infrared induction system, the advertising display can play advertisements without affecting the mirror. It is the medium of advertising and product display. It forms a complete advertising control system through terminal software control, network information transmission, and multimedia terminal display, and through pictures, text, and video for advertising.

Mirror Advertising display

Normally, it is a mirror. When a customer approaches the mirror advertising display, the human body is sensed by infrared scanning, and an area in the mirror will play dynamic advertisements in various modes. When the customer leaves, the mirror will automatically resume.

Based on the phantom magic mirror technology, through infrared induction, it can play advertisements without affecting people looking in the mirror. It is a high-quality medium for high-end consumer product advertisements and corporate promotion.

The principle of mirror advertising display:

Mirror advertising display is a successful application of mirror display glass. The mirror display glass is an optical lens made for mirror display devices. The mirror display glass is composed of glass and a display device.

Mirror Advertising display

When the display device is turned off, the glass can hide the display system and present a mirror effect. When the display device is turned on, the light source can pass through the glass, and images and animations can be clearly displayed on the glass.

How the mirror advertising display works:

1. If it is an inductive mirror advertising display, when the human body is close to the mirror advertising display, the human body is sensed by infrared, and the advertisement will be played immediately in a set area of the mirror. When the human body leaves, it will automatically return to the mirror surface.

2. If the flashing mirror advertising display does not have an infrared sensor head, the displayed advertising screen is in a state of cyclic switching.

Features of mirror advertising displays:

1. Innovative use of flat panel ultra-thin borderless technology, simple, exquisite, stylish shape, and better media image.

2. Using the picture image restoration technology, the advertising image is clearer, the visual experience is better, and the advertising effect is better.

3. The affinity of advertising is improved, not only can you look in the mirror, but also watch advertisements at the same time, reducing the sense of rejection of advertisements.

Mirror Advertising display

4. The utilization rate of the screen has increased, the display area of the unit advertisement screen has increased by 10%, and the efficiency of advertisement delivery has been improved.

5. More intelligent, the system has the functions of a time display and timing switch, which is more intelligent, more energy-saving, and more convenient for maintenance.

Where advertising mirror can be deployed?

A shopping mall

When it has the digital signage network in place already, mirror advertising will be a great addition to the marketing mix. Usually, the bathrooms in shopping malls are big and feature many mirrors in the area with sinks. That’s exactly the spot where screens can be placed. As bathrooms in shopping malls are getting non-stop visitors, showing ads via mirrors seems like a great way to interact with people.

By interacting we mean showing content that is relevant for the audience. Also, the content is appropriate given the intimate bathroom setting. It shouldn’t be intrusive, it should be complementing the experience. There’s a space for experimentation with formats depending on the operator you’re using for technically enabling the mirror signage.

Mirror Advertising display

A restaurant

But it’s not only the shopping malls that can get good use of mirrors as advertising canvases. Restaurants are another great example. Mirrors in bathrooms and in the waiting areas of dining establishments can promote special deals, discounts, loyalty programs, or specific menu items.


The mirror advertising display can be used in public areas such as shopping mall toilets and elevators. These places can provide business information and preferential activities. When dressing up in front of the mirror advertising display, the mirror advertising will immediately come into view. While looking in the mirror, merchants can spread advertising information “face to face”.

With the mirror advertising display, users can update and publish traffic information such as timetables in time. In addition, it can also create additional opportunities for display. According to the characteristics of huge crowd traffic in stations, airports, etc., users can play various product advertisements on the mirror display screen to create economic benefits for businesses.

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