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digital signage to optimize customer experience
Digital signage in Education

6 methods and 10 key points of digital signage to optimize customer experience

From the moment people enter your facility, they start assessing your entire organization based on their feelings. So, optimizing customer experience (CX) is crucial to success. While this term comes from the hospitality industry (hotels, airports, restaurants) it also applies to anything from a university or corporate campus to a sports facility or museum.

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Development Trend of LCD Panel
LCD advertising display

Analysis on Development Trend of LCD Panel

The high-generation production line of Chinese mainland panel has entered a centralized stage. From the development trend of LCD panel, Chinese mainland LCD panel market is still in a period of high growth.

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government digital signage
double sided display

11 Uses for government digital signage

Government digital signage in the right places – using scheduled or dynamically updated messaging via secure software – does everything from directing and updating the public to relaying mission-critical data and visuals for utility operators and first responders.

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digital display highlight the retail experience

How can digital display highlight the retail experience?

Traditionally, the shopper’s journey looks like a funnel: Consumers narrow down their choices and often know what they want before they get to a physical store. But with smartphones, high-speed mobile data, and in-store digital display messaging, shoppers can be both more informed and more impulsive about their buying decisions.

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