Outdoor digital display board

Outdoor digital display board for your small business.

Outdoor digital display board are something that every small business would be glad to have. The reason is pretty simple. They help you to sell better, engage better, and promote better.

Wouldn’t you want that for your business? We’ve prepared this mini guide on why digital signage outdoor displays should be added to your marketing structure.

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Why outdoor digital displays?

Outdoor space is where you interact with passers-by. It has been like this since the dawn of commerce, and it still works this way. The only difference is that if, for example, at the beginning of the 20th-century people used to spend minutes interacting with any kind of signs promoting the business, today the attention span stands at 8 seconds.

In other words, you have less time to present basically anything to the customer. And it hurts businesses worldwide.

Now let’s take outdoor digital displays. There’s a busy street with many businesses. Each is competing for the attention of the customer. Two shops stand side by side. One has an outdated signage board with some promotion. It’s dull, it has seen better times, and it is obsolete.

Outdoor digital display board

But the second shop chose a different approach. Its windows have displays in them. The displays are showing juicy, highly visual content. It makes people that pass by stop, take a moment to see what’s shown, to get genuinely interested in the range. And that’s the real power of Outdoor digital display board.

At the end of the day, it’s not only about attention perse. It’s about starting the customer journey and leading a person to purchase. That’s what outdoor digital signage display do very well. This technological tool is a natural extension of your marketing strategy that unties your hands and ensures a high-quality engagement.

A small business would be glad to add this kind of solution to its mix.

What are the advantages of Outdoor digital display board?

When you’re creating a digital signage network, you’re opening yourself up to many opportunities to show awesome content and communicate with the customers better.

The biggest advantages of outdoor digital signage for small businesses are:

1) Visual appeal

Screens allow you to show beautiful things. That is indispensable when we talk about outdoor marketing wins.

2) Adaptivity and impeccable targeting

When you know your audience there’s no problem targeting the right content. But to reach this you’d need to experiment a lot. Digital signage allows you to do that without spending astronomical amounts of money and time. You just change the types of content you want to show within the digital signage software.

Outdoor digital display board

3) Interactivity

Outdoor digital display board are not only about getting the people to your store (although this is still an important chunk of their operations). What is great about the digital medium is that it easily supports other digital mediums. Outdoor signage can promote your social media channels, gather feedback from your audience, announce special e-commerce deals, and distribute coupons.

With the help of the screens, you’re bridging the two worlds without the need for a person to actually come into your physical location. All the engagement is happening right there, outdoors.

Outdoor digital display board

4) Precise timing

When small businesses use static signage it’s always the same. It’s trivial, it’s boring, and it misses out on so many opportunities. Digital is a whole other play. You’re in full control of what you’re showing and when you’re showing it.

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It’s a simple concept: the importance of outdoor signage is to reach any passerby. Each individual can see the sign, understand what you sell, and become a potential customer. Your location will attract particular buyer personas and keep individuals reminded of where you are.
The casting process produces signage with a lifespan of five to twelve years depending on the weather conditions, brand, and type. Metallic and ultra-metallic films have shorter outdoor lifespans – three to seven years is typical – but these are used primarily in the automotive industry.