Outdoor digital signage boards

Revamp Your Business Advertising with Outdoor digital signage boards: Top Uses and Benefits Revealed

Outdoor digital signage boards have been increasing in popularity around the world, it’s becoming more common to see eye-catching digital signage in outdoor settings. Outdoor digital signage boards is a dynamic display solution designed for outdoor environments. It is widely used in various areas including churches, retail stores, and more to attract attention, convey information and enhance engagement.

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Types Of Outdoor Digital Signage Display

Outdoor Digital Billboards

Outdoor digital billboards are standard billboards that have been replaced with a large digital screen. This screen allows for more varied content and a larger variety of messages. Perfect for advertisers and events.

Outdoor Digital Posters

Digital poster display are a common replacement for traditional print posters that allow users to show a variety of different messages and content in a single location. Outdoor digital posters also come with high-brightness capabilities.

Outdoor digital signage boards

Outdoor Digital Kiosks

Non-touch outdoor kiosks are great for government messaging, and advertising. Through large, high-bright, free-standing displays, users can capture the attention of residents and tourists.

Interactive outdoor kiosks enable local wayfinding, self-serve tourist information hubs, and live updates for public transport.

Digital Bus Shelters

In the past, a bus stop would show an old battered print advert with a static bus timetable. Passengers would have to hope their bus was on time.

With live data integrations, screens can show live bus times, ETAs, or delays. It’s also possible to display advertisements and safety messaging.

Outdoor digital signage boards

Top Uses of Outdoor digital signage boards

1. Enhance External Communication

Outdoor digital screens are a great way to extend the reach of your promotions and key messages. Large bright screens capture attention and ensure your messages are seen and absorbed.

Outdoor digital signage boards

2. Enhance Outdoor Health and Safety

Whether it’s promoting the best hygiene practices against viruses or notifying locals of a nearby traffic accident, outdoor digital displays are a great way to quickly reach and notify nearby audiences.

3. Advertising

Outdoor digital signage boards are a highly popular channel for advertisers. Thanks to their physicality, large screens, and dynamic content, they can reach and engage with a large audience at any location.

Outdoor digital signage boards

4. Live Event Screening

Outdoor displays are also popular for outdoor screening of live events. Thanks to large, weatherproof displays, thousands of people can join together to watch live sporting and entertainment events from around the world.

5. Smart Bus Stop

Ever-growing in popularity, the smart bus stop brings a wealth of usability and functionality to the traditional bus stop. Display live bus updates, entertain, and deploy health and safety messages from a single outdoor display.

Outdoor digital signage boards

6. Outdoor Digital Wayfinding

Thanks to weatherproof screens, digital wayfinding can now be taken outdoors. Improve navigation for local points of interest, plazas, and shopping centres with interactive screens.

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7. Schedule Content Deployment

Powerful set-and-forget features allow you to completely automate your digital messaging. Simply add your content to your screens and set it to play up to years in advance.

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