Outdoor digital signage for business

The benefits of outdoor digital signage for business

Outdoor digital signage for business has become increasingly versatile and widespread in its applications. It is now used in various industries such as advertising, municipal construction, transportation, real estate, healthcare, and more. These digital kiosks have proven to be valuable tools in enhancing communication, providing information, and contributing to the growth and development of these industries.

Outdoor digital signage for business

Outdoor advertising displays have indeed become indispensable products in people’s lives. A lot of information can be obtained by everyone on it. For merchants, valuable communication content, and advertising displays are more convincing than scene marketing.

What is an outdoor advertising kiosk?

An outdoor advertising Kiosk is a special display device that can project information, images, and videos into an outdoor or indoor environment to increase the coverage of promotional activities. They can automatically play media such as images, text, and video, and can also automatically change the display content.

The benefit of using outdoor digital signage for business

1. More accurate publicity

In the past, the marketing mode of enterprises was mainly through the Internet, using online promotion channels and offline static publicity. Achieve more customer promotion. But now, with the development of the Internet and the disclosure of false information, people are paying more and more attention to the reliability of network information. However, the traditional offline static promotion method did not attract too many customers.

Outdoor digital signage for business

The outdoor advertising display promotes promotion on the Internet through the network and realizes information push through remote control. The way video is disseminated, through visual and auditory dissemination, can make the product more recognizable and acceptable.

2. 24 hours display

The promotion of outdoor advertising displays is not limited by time, and 24-hour video promotion can be realized in places where people gather. For example, hotels can achieve timely branding to a greater extent.

Outdoor digital signage for business

3. Budget expenses minus

The most common advertising methods we usually see come from the following points: online websites, television, posters, etc.

However, the investment cost of these advertisements is intermittent. Therefore, the emergence of outdoor advertising can achieve relatively low cost and comprehensive coverage. At the same time, the target consumption of consumers can still be achieved.

4. Anti-corrosion, anti-lightning, anti-explosion and anti-theft

As an outdoor kiosk, you must have the all-around ability of outdoor protection. In addition to being IP-level dustproof and waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-lightning, explosion-proof, and anti-theft are all indispensable.

Way Use Of Outdoor Digital Kiosk

1. Wayfinding Assistance

Smart City kiosks and those outdoor digital kiosks around college campuses can be essential tools for those who are unfamiliar with the area. In large cities, they can help familiarize visitors with their surroundings, giving them comfort that makes it more likely they’ll return.

On educational campuses, especially those of big state schools, they are incredibly helpful for new students who may not know their way around. These kiosks offer an easy way for these users to become more comfortable with their environment during what is often already a somewhat stressful time.

Outdoor digital signage for business

2. Events and News

There are many great examples of using outdoor digital kiosks for communication purposes, but one of the best is their use on college campuses. These kiosks offer schools an opportunity to speak directly to students, educators, and visitors about anything important, including school events like upcoming plays or concerts, news or reminders about tuition payment deadlines, or class sign-ups.

3. Ticket Printing

Outdoor ticket printing kiosks are often found at venues like ballparks and stadiums, both of which are sometimes used for concerts or other types of live entertainment.

These kiosks can be used to buy day-of tickets to events or to purchase tickets for future events while at the venue. For instance, a visitor may be attending a baseball game that day, but notice while buying same-day tickets at the stadium that in 2 weeks, there is a game on the schedule against their team’s biggest rival. The kiosk offers them a convenient opportunity to purchase both sets of tickets at the same time.

Outdoor digital signage for business

4. Food Ordering and Self-Payment

Food ordering and Self-payment kiosks are used to speed up the ordering process and decrease wait times. A few taps on the screen and a swipe later gets a family closer to their giant soft pretzels and slushies more quickly than ever before, while taking a little bit of stress away from parents at the same time.

5. Promotion and Marketing

Outdoor digital kiosks are a great way to engage customers or enhance brands’ images. As they tend to be installed in areas with high levels of foot traffic, they allow marketing campaigns and promotions to reach a large number of people at once.

These kiosks can be freestanding, attached to buildings, such as outdoor benches. Smart City kiosks are one of the most popular types of outdoor digital advertising.

These Outdoor digital signage for business have multiple uses, including wayfinding and wifi, but feature “attract” screens that rotate through ads for local, regional, and national businesses.

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Outdoor kiosks can offer users an enhanced experience by streamlining processes that might otherwise require long wait times or inefficient searching.
Steel and anodized aluminum are two materials that work well on outdoor kiosks. Aluminum can actually be made stronger through the weathering process. Steel is good at handling heat, humidity, and wear.