Picture frame digital display

Wall mounted picture frame digital display

Wall mounted Picture frame digital display is a new type of commercial display equipment in recent years. With the rapid development of science and technology, the field of traditional decorative paintings has also undergone tremendous changes. The traditional picture frame presents a single work, takes up a lot of space, and is cumbersome to replace. etc., restricting the changeable artistic demands of modern people, then the wall-mounted Picture frame digital display provides you with a new choice.

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What is a Picture frame digital display?

Picture frame digital display, an electronic display screen similar in appearance to an oil painting frame, uses liquid crystal technology to emit light, and is mainly used to display some oil painting works and other photos through the electronic screen, and can realize network connection, through mobile phones You can control the display content of the screen.

The appearance is just an ordinary oil painting frame, but its display content is no longer single, but variable, so it is called a Picture frame digital display. At the same time, the Picture frame digital display is also more intelligent, can connect to the wireless network, and can cast the screen on the mobile phone.

Picture frame digital display

Components of the Picture frame digital display

Picture frame screen: The picture frame digital signage advertising display adopts an LCD screen, which can provide high-definition image and video display effects, and at the same time has a strong artistic atmosphere, which can better attract the audience’s attention.

Advertising playback: The frame advertising display can play various forms of advertisements, such as dynamic advertisements, static advertisements, etc., which are time-sensitive and interactive.

Multi-touch: The Picture frame digital display can support multi-touch. Users can select, evaluate, like, and other operations through the content on the touch screen to enhance the interaction with the audience.

Network interaction: the multimedia Picture frame digital display can interact with the audience through the network. Users can perform operations such as information release, interactive communication, and online orders through the device, which enhances the diversified functions of the advertising machine itself.

Picture frame digital display

Statistical analysis: The smart Picture frame digital display can understand the audience’s gender, age, consumption preference, and other information through data statistical analysis so that marketers can formulate more accurate marketing strategies.


1. Intelligent display: Cloud digital picture frame is more intelligently displayed, the content is no longer fixed, and the screen has anti-glare features, no matter which angles you look at it, it is not reflective or dazzling, and the visual experience is better. At the same time, the frame screen also has an AI voice interaction function, which can be directly controlled by the intelligent voice APP, and the works can be shared at any time.

2. Mobile phone screen projection: The frame screen supports mobile phone control, automatically rotates pictures, appreciates global art trends, and bids farewell to fixed display modes.

Picture frame digital display

3. Release method: simple and flexible. With the help of the product’s built-in distributed centralized control system, a mobile phone can change the content of the LCD Picture frame digital display at any time, allowing users to give full play to their DIY creativity;

4. Support rich program content: audio, video (local material, streaming media), pictures, web pages, Flash, Word, Excel, PDF, scrolling files, weather forecast, time, and other arbitrary split screens;

5. Flexible play mode: support normal program loop play, carousel program, intercut program, spacer program, U disk update;

6. Support remote control: support remote release timing switch, restart, wake up; standby, support remote control volume, remote update software, etc.; so that you can control it at any time in a remote place;

7. The design adopts a professionally customized screen, which is not reflective, not dazzling, and anti-blue light while restoring the painting.

8. Produced with industrial-grade standards, the product has the characteristics of high definition, high brightness, high color gamut, and low energy consumption. The viewing angle of the screen is as high as 178 degrees, which can realize near viewing, far viewing, front viewing, and side viewing without being affected.


Picture frame digital display has a wide range of applications, such as shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, subway stations, airports, and other crowded places. It is a convenient and efficient publicity and marketing tool.

Picture frame digital display

At the same time, the Picture frame digital display can also help the owners to optimize and upgrade their marketing strategies through statistical analysis of data, making them more accurate and efficient. The digital Picture frame digital displayly used in the following scenarios:

* Shopping malls and supermarkets: Shopping malls and supermarkets are usually places with a large flow of people. Picture frame digital displays can display various advertising information in these places to attract customers’ attention, enhance the exposure of products, and increase sales.

* Hotel digital signage: The Picture frame digital display can be used in hotels and conference rooms for functions such as conference promotion, information prompts, and route guidance so that guests can learn relevant information faster and more effectively.

* Digital Signage Healthcare: Smart Picture frame digital displays can be used in hospitals and clinics to play medical promotion, health knowledge, diagnosis and treatment guides, etc. so that patients and their families can better understand the hospital’s services and healthcare knowledge.

* Catering and entertainment places: The Picture frame digital display solution can be used for promotion and promotion in catering and entertainment places, such as recommending meals, drinks, preferential activities, etc., to attract customers to consume.

* Front desk and exhibition: The Picture frame digital display solution can be used in the company’s front desk, museums, exhibitions, and other places for information release, tour guides, exhibit introduction, etc. so that the audience can learn more information.

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Most Picture frame digital display support SD cards. Many of them even offer a plug & play feature that lets you play slideshows from a connected USB/SD card without having to copy the files to local storage first.
Yes, the Picture frame digital display supports mobile phone control, automatically rotates pictures, appreciates global art trends, and bids farewell to fixed display modes.
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