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15 Inch LCD Screens: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

15 inch screen

– Available in two common sizes: 15 inch lcd screen and 15.6 inch
– High resolution of 1920 x 1080 for 15.6 inch screen
– LCM, a-Si TFT-LCD technology
– 141PPI and 60Hz refresh rate
– Active area of 344.16 x 193.59 mm
– High luminance of 250 cd/m² and contrast ratio of 800:1
– Wide viewing angle of 85/85/85/85 degrees
– ADS, Normally Black, Transmissive work mode
– Fast response time of 30 ms
– 16.2M color depth and 45% NTSC
– Wide temperature range for storage and operation

– Provides high-quality display for human-computer communication
– Tempered glass capacitive touch panel for close interaction
– Can be used with desktop or wall bracket for interactive scenes
– High resolution and contrast ratio for clear and vivid images
– Wide viewing angle for comfortable viewing from different angles
– Fast response time for smooth and seamless display
– Wide temperature range for reliable operation in different environments.

15 inch monitor

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