What about bar lcd panel?

Description of bar lcd panel:

Bar LCD panel with specific decoding display solution.

Bar LCD panel

Bar LCD panel Using LED backlight high-definition LCD screen and specific decoding display solution,used in all kinds of commercial scenarios, perfect to solve the demand of combined display output and interactive control…

Bar LCD panel offers the widest range of excellent stretched LCD displays with high bright and interactive touchscreen options for digital signage and industrial applications. We have the full range of stretched and LCD displays to offer with panels, enclosed chassis monitors, touch overlays, and inbuilt PCAP touch on this model.

Bar LCD panel has slim design with a narrow black bezel. The Ultra Stretched Display delivers an exceptional 400nit brightness, designed specifically for usage in bright ambient light conditions and is perfect solution for restricted digital signage spaces like public transportation like bus and metro, retails, supermarket and etc. for information display and digital signage purpose.


Bar LCD panel
  • High resolution stretched display with LED backlight
  • High brightness of 400nits
  • Multiple sizes for selection from 16.4inch to 86inch
  • Ultra wide full viewing angle
  • Fanless design
  • High configuration of hardware can meet any requirements
  • Support Android 6.0 Operation system
  • Easy to manage with Signage management software
  • Can be with PCAP touchscreen
  • Screen size / Dimension / Hardware can be customized

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Why select LCD bar display?

LCD bar display is cut from a full HD panel resulting in a display. With ultra high brightness the displays offer high colour and high resolution for amazing image clarity. With an amazing contrast ratio, LCD bar display can offer a unique solution for many applications. (view page…)

FAQ guide for bar lcd panel:

How should I place an order for bar lcd panel?

You can easily contact us through the website. Through communication, you can reach an order transaction on the basis of a detailed understanding of customer requirements, shelf screen display product parameters, customization, delivery date and other requirements;
A more direct way is to click the “same as” link which on the each products,then been our Alibaba.com station to generate credit guarantee orders to get trade assurance.

Can I get the brand logo printed on bar lcd panel?

Yes, we fully support the customized logo printing service on bar lcd panel. And on the basis of a certain number of orders, the service is free;

Please contact us to confirm the logo design, color and location as you require;

Can you provide ODM / OEM or customized services to bar lcd panel?

Yes, we can do OEM and ODM. We also provide customers with different customized services, such as appearance color, built-in camera, base mobile device, built-in designated printer, various card readers, and other designs…

As customized bar lcd panel, we have full-time customer service engineers to track the service. The goal is to achieve solutions that meet customer requirements.

Do you have software for bar lcd panel?

Yes, we will provide application software with complete intellectual property rights according to different interaction schemes, all based on Android and windows operating systems;

Please contact us for details…

Should I Buy bar lcd panel from China or the USA and Europe?

It’s increasingly clear that China is a global manufacturing powerhouse capable of producing high-quality goods at a competitive price compared to the USA or Europe.

China has gained a high reputation as a manufacturing hub earning the name, “the world’s factory”. There are many US and European based companies that manufacture goods in China.

Buying bar lcd panel from China is a good decision.

Are you the manufacturer of bar lcd panel?

Yes, we are digital signage manufacturer of bar lcd panel.
Our factory has a number of automated production lines, covering the entire production system from product design, sheet metal processing, and assembly of finished products, to meet production requirements of different scales and OEM/ODM OEM cooperation.

How about bar lcd panel after-sales service?

First of all, we have timely online after-sales service, and the problems encountered in the use of bar lcd panel can be communicated and solved online;
In addition, we will arrange the designated customer service engineer to follow up the after-sales service of the product in the whole process, including but not limited to online meeting, provision of spare parts, product repair, etc;

Contact with more details

Will be in touch shortly
If you need more information,  please send us a message…

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