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10.1 tablet android

ShiningLTD is an Interactive digital signage supplier. We have the ability of professional design and fast delivery!

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How to customize Android LCD?

We provide customized digital display solutions as a one-stop solution for developing Android LCD products from concept to production to maintenance. We will match your ideas with the actual finished products and bring your innovative customized Android LCD to the market. (view page…)

How about stretched displays?

Stretched displays adopts closed-type design, which has strong safety performance, simple and elegant design, and adopts industrial quality, stable low-power operation; using templated independent design, easy installation and easy maintenance; (view page…)

Infrared body temperature access control display with facial access recognition

Body temp access control display can be used in public service such as office areas, hotels, aisle gates, buildings, schools, shopping malls, communities, construction sites and other places that require facial access recognition… (view page…)

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