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How does Kiosk display (Kiosk display touch screens) work?

These elegant designed, strong and robust willed Kiosk display cases works with an active cooling and dust protection system. It has a highly professional response super fast touch screen Kiosk display. Internally the electronics are safely protected from overheat and dust thus assuring stable and durable 24/7 optimal operation.

The Indoor Multi Touch Interactive Kiosk display can incorporate high quality sound system for applications that require that level of engagement. The Kiosk display or Retail Touch Screen Kiosk display would easily understand the hand and finger gestures of and provide them with interactive, multimedia rich content, access to corporate information, enable them to display information, let them manipulate art & photography and also view your advertisements. With the Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk display, you have all this in a unique elegant and a compelling manner!

Main Features

✨DURABILITY — robust welded steel case (2mm)

✨HARDWARE PROTECTION — fan cooling/air filtration system, remote monitoring/control capability

✨COMPATIBILITY — vast selection of multimedia players or PC’s

✨PROFESSIONAL DISPLAY — high resolution and brightness, 24/7 operation

✨RESPONSIVE TOUCH SCREEN — high quality infrared or capacitive touch screen

✨EASY ACCESS & SERVICE — key lockable front door opening

✨CUSTOMISATION OPTIONS — wide totem customisation options, optional WiFi antenna, camera, card readers, NFC, printers and other peripherals on request.

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