Digital retail displays

Retail digital signage
The Future of Retail: How Digital Retail Displays are Changing the Game

Digital retail displays

Digital retail displays is more eye-catching than traditionally printed posters and can be deployed instantly rather than in days or weeks.

Usage of digital signage in malls and retail stores provides the customers with a new experience of comfort, competence, and of course, ‘smart’-ness. Informative and product-promoting contents on the screens are not only attractive but also highly effective. Digital signage alters your customers’ experience through video walls, interactive kiosks, wayfinding boards, information displays, entertainment displays, and assistive displays.

Digital signage can be used in your malls or retail businesses for introducing and promoting new products, offers, and discounts, interactive screens for product and style guides and feedback, and draw the attention of window-shoppers and turn them into customers. It is surely a cost-effective way to attract and retain customers.

Retailers are always looking for new and innovative ways to attract and engage with customers and industry research over the last 17 years has proved the effectiveness of digital advertising and made a strong return on investment case.

How to apply Digital retail displays?

* Increase sales and average customer spend
* Drive brand engagement
* Create ambiance
* Dynamically target campaigns based on location, day, time, etc.
* Reduce the cost and time to deliver new campaigns
* Ensure marketing campaign compliance across your estate
* Deliver pricing updates
* Shelf Edge Signage

Digital retail displays to provide the new experience of shopping

Welcome Screens

Display the most attractive menu boards. Update the digital menu boards automatically using excel spreadsheets to avoid the last time disappointment of being out of stock.

Window Screens

Customized welcome screens can attract a lot of customers. A warm welcome with new contents products and offers, specialties /main attractions of your mall/retail shop, etc. can be appealing.

Wayfinding kiosk

Interactive wayfinding kiosks for easy navigation within the mall could surely please the customers. Wayfinding kiosk with details of each floor is an inevitable component of digital signage in malls and large retail shops.

News and Entertainment

Every now and then, people would like to know what is happening around. Providing customers with updated news and entertainment will be a whole new experience for the customers.

Promotions and Commercials

Business is all about informing the customers. Inform the customers about product launches, commercials of products and promotional activities like offers, discounts, mega sale etc.

Products and Style Guides

Customers would like to know a lot about the products. Provide them with interactive product guides and/or style guides through which they can seamlessly browse and select.

Feedback screens

Collect feedback and reviews from your customers using digital feedback screens and improve constantly.


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