Shelf edge lcd display

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Shelf edge LCD display with specific decoding display solution.

Shelf edge lcd display

Shelf edge LCD display used to display commercial products information, public service advertisements. The LCD screen can seamlessly interface with the station to realize the automatic broadcast of the store ads.

Shelf edge lcd display

The headquarters through the system unified management and control, the realization of the price tag digitization, intelligent and picture, video freely switch; Price tag, image and video push, display and broadcast control through cloud system;

Shelf edge lcd display

The shelf edge LCD display is self-illuminating, full-color display, and the merchandise display is more realistic, more dazzling and cooler. Shelf edge LCD display Support online advertising, multi-screen with the same screen, timing, etc.

Shelf edge LCD display panel is transmitted by Wifi via the transmitter in the store, anti-jamming, and the content is changed quickly.

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How about stretched displays?

Stretched displays adopts closed-type design, which has strong safety performance, simple and elegant design, and adopts industrial quality, stable low-power operation; using templated independent design, easy installation and easy maintenance; (view page…)

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