tablet pc window 10

tablet pc window 10

Intelligent industrial tablet pc window 10

Industrial touch tablet, Support Windows OS 10.

Rugged design, Leading innovation, improved work efficiency.
Multifunctional super handheld touch mini pc computer.
Most configuration controls can be run, Making the operation control easy.

Quick response high accuracy no deviation.
Precise touch 3ms response.
No matter what operation, it can respond quickly.
The accuracy rate is 99.9%, and there is no broken line offset in 5 point / 10 point touch.
New screen / Ergonomic design / No short line offset

Large memory fast response smooth operation.
Multitask fast processing.
Mini pc computer has large DDR3L memory,large capacity EMMC solid-state disk,and supports 64g at most, Faster operation, smoother experience.

Energy saving / high efficiency / stability / low consumption

  • 24h continuous and stable operation.
  • No fan,no battery,l2VDC power supply design,more energy-saving.
  • Mini pc computer was competent for high-intensity long-time operation,Long life,low power c wasonsumption,more environmental protection, can work 24hours without interruption.

Cooling holes / metal fuselage / stable operation

  • Efficient heat dissipation and silent operation.
  • Multi-directional cooling hole design,and good thermal conductivity of the metal fuselage, long-term stable operation.

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