Wifi tablet

Wifi tablet has special design tablet for bank service, restaurant, hotel & shop, etc… Wifi tablet with super slim design & smart chips brings you more perfect visual enjoyment and operation experience.

Wifi Tablet

✨Wifi tablet POE android touch pc
✔️configured 10-Point capacitive touch with LCD IPS panel
✔️with Quad-core cortex A7,1.2G,RK3128 and other Optional ,NFC 13.56MHz,ISO14443A/ISO14443B/ISO 15693/Mifare classic/Sony Felica.
✔️Widely used for bank, market, company, hospital, hotel, etc.

Various technologies play a decisive role in the development of Wifi tablet. Touch screens, face recognition software, and NFC is used to increase customer participation and improve user experience. Interactive applications, such as browsing product catalogs and menus, requesting information, or placing orders, can now be implemented without any difficulty. Touch screens are especially important for interactive applications because most people use smartphones or tablets in daily life. The familiar feeling increases the attraction of the content, especially for those who know more about technology. Not only hands are used in interactive applications, but also ears and mouths. Voice control has been used in smartphones and voice assistants for many years and has been applied more and more in the field of Wifi tablets.

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