43 inch full HD digital signage touch screens display SH4306DS

Digital signage touch screens

✨Ensures 43 inch touch screen monitor can be in constant use 24/7.
✔️43 inch full HD digital signage touch screens display.
✔️Install your digital signage touch screens in either landscape or portrait orientation.
✔️Internal fans keep their panels at the optimum working temperature.

$ 654.00

The best sensitivity and fast response time to touch gestures ensure that users have a smooth and relaxed experience. When interacting with our touch screen monitor, it is not necessary to touch the same thing many times to confirm the success of touch control.

43 inch touch screen monitor having up to 10 touch points allows users to perform a variety of touch gestures, including manipulating images and zooming in/out – much like you would with a domestic tablet or smart phone. digital signage touch screens also allows multiple users to interact with the screen at the same time.

Digital signage touch screens with tempered edge-to-edge glass face, rounded corners, super slim depth, aluminium surround and thin black border give a captivating tablet-like aesthetic. This stylish glass face also increases the durability of the display, protecting the LCD panel and other internal components from potential damage in public spaces.

Digital signage touch screens are able to be in constant use 24/7 for over 70,000 hours thanks to their commercial grade LCD panel, media player and other components. They also have no external buttons or controls to prevent tampering.



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FAQ guide for Digital signage touch screens:

How should I place an order for Digital signage touch screens?

You can easily contact us through the website. Through communication, you can reach an order transaction on the basis of a detailed understanding of customer requirements, Digital signage touch screens product parameters, customization, delivery date and other requirements;
A more direct way is to click the “same as” link to view our Digital signage touch screens products on Alibaba.com station to generate credit guarantee orders to get trade assurance to protect your Alibaba.com orders.

What is the average price of Digital signage touch screens?

The dollar price marked on this product page is $ 654.00, The said price is the net ex factory reference price of the goods and unpackaged, excluding value-added tax or any similar tax.
As a B2B product, Digital signage touch screens will pay more attention to the differences of specifications and parameters, packaging and transportation prices in terms of price…

So please contact us for more accurate order quotation.

Can I get the brand logo printed on Digital signage touch screens?

Yes, we fully support the customized logo printing service on Digital signage touch screens. And on the basis of a certain number of orders, the service is free;

Please contact us to confirm the logo design, color and location you require;

Can you provide ODM / OEM or customized services to Digital signage touch screens?

Yes, we can do OEM and ODM. We also provide customers with different customized services, such as appearance color, built-in camera, base mobile device, built-in designated printer, various card readers, and other designs…

As customized Digital signage touch screens, we have full-time customer service engineers to track the service. The goal is to achieve solutions that meet customer requirements.

Do you have software for Digital signage touch screens?

Yes, we will provide application software with complete intellectual property rights according to different interaction schemes, all based on Android and windows operating systems;

Please contact us for details…

What are the products similar to Digital signage touch screens?

The feature labels related to this product include but are not limited to , , , . Some corresponding products are listed as follows, Please click to view:

Should I Buy Digital signage touch screens from China or the USA and Europe?

It’s increasingly clear that China is a global manufacturing powerhouse capable of producing high-quality goods at a competitive price compared to the USA or Europe.

China has gained a high reputation as a manufacturing hub earning the name, “the world’s factory”. There are many US and European based companies that manufacture goods in China.

Buying Digital signage touch screens from China is a good decision.

Are you the manufacturer of Digital signage touch screens?

Yes, we are digital signage manufacturer of Digital signage touch screens.
Our factory has a number of automated production lines, covering the entire production system from product design, sheet metal processing, and assembly of finished products, to meet production requirements of different scales and OEM/ODM OEM cooperation.

How about Digital signage touch screens after-sales service?

First of all, we have timely online after-sales service, and the problems encountered in the use of Digital signage touch screens can be communicated and solved online;
In addition, we will arrange the designated customer service engineer to follow up the after-sales service of the product in the whole process, including but not limited to online meeting, provision of spare parts, product repair, etc;

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