55inch ir smart digital interactive all in one electronic white board for home SH5507AIO

◉Smart digital interactive all in one electronic whiteboard offers the option of using either Windows 10 or Android OS.
◉All in one board features a vibrant display with 16.7 million colors, The touch response is quick and precise, comparable to writing with a pen, and it supports infrared 10 touch control.
◉This 55 inch smart board is designed to make teaching more engaging and interactive.

$ 998.00

Smart digital interactive all in one electronic white board

Product Description:

The Smart digital interactive all in one electronic white board is a versatile and user-friendly tool for classrooms, boardrooms, and other collaborative spaces.

With its Windows 10/Android OS options, touch searching capabilities, whiteboard teaching features, and electronic page turning theme patterns, it can fulfill all of your requirements.


– Windows 10/Android OS options for flexibility and compatibility
– Touch searching feature for easy navigation and interaction
– Whiteboard teaching capabilities for interactive presentations
– Electronic page turning theme patterns for added visual appeal
– Cold-rolled sheet steel raw materials for durability
– Integrated Thickened Panel for stability
– Dismantle Border Prevention for safety
– High Load-bearing Double Column for stability
– Self-contained tray for easy storage and use
– 360° Steering Wheels for mobility
– Round Corner Prevention for safety


– Enhance collaboration and engagement in classrooms and boardrooms
– Easy to use and navigate with touch searching feature
– Interactive whiteboard teaching capabilities for dynamic presentations
– Versatile and customizable with electronic page turning theme patterns
– Durable construction for long-lasting use
– Easy to store and transport with self-contained tray and 360° steering wheels
– Ensures safety with dismantle border prevention and round corner prevention

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Interactive white board support remote conference under the unified pattern of remote office, sharing synchronization screen, dual-way voice conversation, remote conference realized without delay in real time, high transmission stability to meet high efficiency communication.

Information Sheet:

If need more detailed and updated specifications, or need customized requirements, Please contact us

Model: SH5507AIO Interactive white board
Device parameter: Screen size: 55"
Backlight: LED
Resolution: 1920*1080
Viewing angle: 165/165/150/150 L/R/U/D
Color: 16.7M
Brightness: 400cd/m2
Contrast ratio: 5000:1
Response time: 4ms
Display area: 1210*680mm
PC Configuration: CPU: Intel I3-3217U
Memory: Kingston DDR3 4G
Hard disk: 2.5-inch / 7200 rpm 500GB
Hardware Parameters Network card: 100/1000M
Video Input Coaxial antenna port *1
CVBS input *2
VGA*1 (front)
Component video connector*1
USB*3 (front)
HDMI*1 (front)
MIC input (front)
USB for touch function USB*1 (front)
Audio input CVBS Audio input*1
PC Audio input*1 (front)
YPbPr Audio input*1
Video Output CVBS Audio Output*1
Audio Output Left /Right channels CVBS output *1
Earphone audio output*1
Characteristic parameter Television system Image : PAL
Sound : BG , DK, I, MN
Decode : 3D digital comb filter, 3D Image motion noise reduction, 3D Motion adaptive comb filter ,etc
Speaker Front speaker
Power : 10W x 2
Touch Specifications: Touch technology: Infrared
Multi touch 6-10 point touch
Touch mode: Finger, stylus or other non transparent objects over 5mm
Light immunity: Full angle anti glare