49inch branded advertising digital signage kiosk display screens SH4976AIO

◉Branded advertising digital signage kiosk display screens design equipped with multi-touch and 49-inch WLED backlight touchscreen can withstand sunlight interference of up to 88K lux. It is compatible with multiple operating systems, including Windows and Mac OS X.
◉Kiosk display screens is perfect for markets such as education, medical, or military that require top-notch displays and system performance.

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Information Sheet:

Model SH4976AIO Kiosk display screen
Display Specifications Display Parameters 49 inch WLED backlight
Resolution 1920*1080
Display ratio 16:9
Brightness 350cd/m2
Contrast 1400:1
Angle 178/178°
Color 16.7M
Response time 5ms
Life 50000h
Function Specifications System X86 system
CPU Intel Celeron J1900, quad-core 2.0G
Memory Kingston DDR3 1600 4G
Storage M sata SSD 120G
Graphics CPU integrated Graphics, graphics core
Audio decode Integrated 6 channel sound, support HiFi 5.1
Optional feature Blue-tooth 4.0, R232 / R485 / R422 port
External ports DC IN*1,HD-MI OUT*1,VGA OUT*1,USB3.0*2,USB2.0*2,WLINE RJ45*1,AUDIO*2
Features Through WLAN, WIFI access network(build in WiFi)
Supports all video, documents, network streaming media format
Touch configuration Touch Infrared touch technology can achieve image zoom function and multi-point writing,6-10 points
Touch method finger, stylus or other non-transparent objects (object diameter ≥ 5mm)
Response time 5~18ms
Positioning accuracy ±2mm
Physical resolution 32768*32768
Way of communication USB
Drive mode without touch driver module, no need calibration
Touch times more than 60 million times
Anti-glare interference Touch screen anti-glare interference such as sunlight, still work when illumination 88K lux;
Machine Specifications Operating temperature 0℃ to 50℃
Operating humidity 10 to 80%
Voltage AC110V~240V
Power consumption 85W
Standby Power 8W
Audio output 8Ω10WX 2
Material 3mm tempered glass covered for front protection,aluminum frame rounded,cold-rolled plate material

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49inch branded advertising digital signage kiosk display screens

The Kiosk display screen is a versatile system that will undoubtedly prove invaluable in various settings such as education, medicine, or the military. It offers a wide range of customizable touch screen options, from multi-touch to rugged single touch technologies, designed to meet the unique needs of any situation. Moreover, its anti-glare 49-inch WLED backlight touch screen can function effectively in highly illuminated environments up to 88K lux, making it suitable for any lighting requirement.

The digital signage display kiosk runs smoothly on several software applications, allowing you to use it with a range of operating systems like Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Win7, and Mac OSX. This comprehensive system is packed with several advanced and practical features, such as the Network Patrol function that enables remote monitoring and control of maintenance personnel attendance.

Furthermore, with the system’s live broadcast server, you can play media materials synchronously across connected player boxes, publish rolling subtitle information, and generate fault dispatch orders for timely maintenance automatically. Consequently, the Kiosk display screen system is essential for various functions such as network inspection, media broadcasting, and network terminal monitoring.

The kiosk display screen runs smoothly on several software applications, including Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Win7, and Mac OSX.
The live broadcast server allows media materials to be played synchronously to all or just some of the player boxes that are connected in the network. The system can also control the playback terminal and publish rolling subtitle information through the SMS platform.
The network terminal fault monitoring system can automatically generate fault dispatch orders and send them to maintenance personnel, ensuring that any issues are resolved in a timely manner. This creates a comprehensive system that provides a complete solution for network inspection, media broadcasting, and network terminal monitoring.