4K high performance digital signage media player OPS mini pc SH-PC11

◉Digital signage media player OPS mini pc Support Intel 10/11th generation LGA1200 series CPU with one-key restore system makes it easy for system maintenance. It supports DDR4 memory with up to 32G capacity and Ultra OPS-C design.
◉OPS Mini PC is ideal for multimedia teaching equipment at schools, conferences, and training institutions.

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Information Sheet:

SH-PC11 4K high performance digital signage media player OPS mini pc
Main Characteristics Support Intel 10 / 11th generation LGA1200 series CPU
Support one-key restore system, easy for system maintenance
Support DDR4 memory, up to 32G capacity
Ultra OPS-C design
Processor CPU Support Intel Comet Lake-S、Rocket Lake-S series CPU
System chipset Intel H510 chipest
Memory Type 2x SO-DIMM DDR4 3200
Support Bigger Storage 32GB
Display Display core CPU ensemble
JAE output port 1x DP1.4a (Max: 3840 x 2160@60Hz,optional) 1x HDMI2.0(Max: 3840 x 2160@60Hz) Note: JAE end DP and front DP display output choose one, the default is front DP display output
Rear output port 1x DP1.4a(Max: 3840 x 2160@60Hz) 1x HDMI1.4(Max: 3840 x 2160@30Hz)
Network Controller 1x RTL8111H Gigabit network , support for network wake-up and pxe boot
USB port I/O 2x USB3.0 + 4x USB2.0
Memory port SATA 1x 2.5"SATA HDD/SSD
M.2 1x M2280, support SATA/PCIe 4X SSD
Serial port COM Support 1x COM-RS232 protocol interface (optional)
Extended port M.2 1x M.2 2230,support WIFI/BT
Custom function Hardware call automatically power function Hardware one-key restore system, key form, easy system maintenance
Software Function Watch Dog Support
Network wake up Support
Operating System Windows 10 ; Linux
Power Supply Input Voltage DC_IN 12/19V
Application Enviroment Operating Temperature 0-40℃
Storage Temperature -20-80℃
Physical Characteristics Dimension 180 x 195 x 42mm
Heat Dissipation Mode Heat Dissipation Mode Direct blowing, double copper pipe side blowing optional, support temperature control and speed regulation

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Dimension: 180 x 195 x 42mm

Packaging accessories: SH-PC11 whole box / Power Adapter / AC power cable


4K high performance digital signage media player OPS mini pc

Digital signage media player OPS mini pc is an innovative and groundbreaking mini PC purposely designed to provide top-notch performance using the latest, powerful 10th and 11th generation LGA1200 series Intel CPUs. With an array of features that make it highly efficient and effortless to maintain, this mini PC includes the one-key restore system, ensuring quick and easy recovery from system failures. Equipped with DDR4 memory, the SH-PC11 guarantees smooth operations even under extreme workloads, supporting up to an impressive 32GB.

Digital signage media player OPS mini pc boasts an ultra OPS-C design that surpasses its predecessor models. It features Digital Signage Open Pluggable Specification standardization, guaranteeing easy installation, use, and maintenance. This mini PC is incredibly flexible, catering to individual user requirements. Whether it’s for conferences, training institutions, or digital signage equipment, the SH-PC11 is a perfect solution.

The HDMI port allows users to connect to a second display with ease, thus experiencing an unbeatable 4K video playback experience. With its cutting-edge and future-proof technology, this mini PC is an ideal investment for anyone looking to upgrade their digital signage equipment. Get your hands on the OPS mini pc today and experience unmatched performance coupled with unbeatable reliability.

The OPS-C design is a type of digital signage design that follows the Intel Open Pluggable Specification. It simplifies the development, installation, and maintenance of digital signs and allows for interchangeable systems to be deployed quickly and in higher volumes, while reducing costs.
Yes, the SHPC11 Mini PC complies with the Intel Open Pluggable Specification and is a high-performance and cost-effective hardware solution for multimedia teaching equipment in schools, conferences, and training institutions.
The LGA1200 series CPU supports up to 32G capacity DDR4 memory.
Yes, the OPS supports 4K video playback at 3840 x 2160@60Hz through an 80Pin JAE connector. It also has an HDMI port on the front panel that can support a second display at a maximum of 3840 x 2160@60Hz.
TPM 2.0 is a feature that delivers increased productivity and data security. The OPS has this feature as an optional add-on.


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FAQ guide for OPS mini pc:

How should I place an order for OPS mini pc?

You can easily contact us through the website. Through communication, you can reach an order transaction on the basis of a detailed understanding of customer requirements, OPS mini pc product parameters, customization, delivery date and other requirements;
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What is the average price of OPS mini pc?

The dollar price marked on this product page is $ 307.00, The said price is the net ex factory reference price of the goods and unpackaged, excluding value-added tax or any similar tax.
As a B2B product, OPS mini pc will pay more attention to the differences of specifications and parameters, packaging and transportation prices in terms of price…

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What are the products similar to OPS mini pc?

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Can I customize the brand visual identity on OPS mini pc?

Yes, we fully support the customized brand visual identity service on OPS mini pc.
our OPS mini pc can be customised to suit your requirements by adding your logo or printed graphics or even tailoring the colour of product.
We can also carry out hardware modifications to existing products or manufacture bespoke solutions for special projects.
And on the basis of a certain number of orders, the service is free;
Please contact us to confirm your visual identity design, color and location you require;

How about OPS mini pc after-sales service?

First of all, we have timely online after-sales service, from the moment you receive OPS mini pc, throughout the duration of your warranty and even after your warranty has expired we are here to support you. If you require any assistance setting up or using problems at all, we can provide free technical support via telephone and email.
All of our OPS mini pc come with a 1 year commercial warranty as standard but if you want to extend this you can upgrade this to cover a 5 year period at point of purchase.
In addition, we will arrange the designated customer service engineer to follow up the after-sales service of the product in the whole process, including but not limited to online meeting, provision of spare parts, product repair, etc;