SH1604AD ultra wide lcd display panel

Ultra wide lcd display panel configured 400cd brightness LCD panel with Android Operating System with 8G ROM and DC12V power input.


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Last Updated on 2020-07-03

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    Ultra wide lcd display panel Product introduction:

    • 16.3″,18.9″, 23.6″, 34.9″ size for option & screen size can be customized
    • Display Size: 410.5mm(H)×61mm(V)
    • Product size: 432.5mm x 83mm x 30.5mm
    • LCD panel Life(hrs): 50000 (Hours)
    • Power Consumption <15W

    Application scenario:

    • The headquarters through the system unified management and control, the realization of the price tag digitization, intelligent and picture, video freely switch;
    • Price tag, image and video push, display and broadcast control through cloud system;
      Ultra wide lcd display panel is self-illuminating, full-color display, and the merchandise display is more realistic, more dazzling and cooler.
    • Ultra wide lcd display panel Support online advertising, multi-screen with the same screen, timing, etc.
    • Ultra wide lcd display panel is transmitted by Wifi via the transmitter in the store, anti-jamming, and the content is changed quickly.

    Information Sheet:

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    Screen size range

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