SH215XDJ 21.5inch Hand Sanitizer display Soap Spray Sanitizer Totem Touch Screen Kiosk

Hand Sanitizer display can dispense 99.99% of sterilizing hand sanitizer. The novel self-service kiosk series has two types, vertical and wall-mounted. They are equipped with internal non-contact automatic dispensers to support gel, foam or liquid disinfectants.

$ 355.00


Application scenario:

Hand Sanitizer display is ideal for restaurants, grocery stores, government offices, manufacturing facilities, medical clinics, reception areas, shopping centers, commercial buildings, etc. When customers approach a self-service terminal, attractive digital content will provide them with simple instructions on hand disinfection before entering, and even more dynamic content.



Product introduction:

  • Hand Sanitizer display with large capacity (1000ml), easy to fill internal automatic dispenser
  • Built-in drip tray keeps items clean
  • Built-in media player for displaying reminders or engaging information
  • Vertical setting or wall-mounted setting for more convenient installation and use
  • Easy to install, supports WiFi and wired connection
  • Equipment weight 26 kg, base weight 10.5 kg, carton size: 1135 * 200 * 510mm

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