SH3203AD Advertising android display 32 inch

Advertising android display 32 inch

✨Advertising android display 32 inch as strong ability of clolor restoration full HD screen
✔️Advertising android display 32 inch are android based
✔️interactive digital displays available in a range of sizing
✔️Widely used for bank, market, company, hospital, hotel, etc.


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Last Updated on 2020-07-28

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    Application scenario:

    With Advertising android display 32 inch you get a dynamic communication network that is easy and simple to work with. Our solutions improve the customer experience, drive sales, enhance the store environment, strengthen the brand, and improve the availability and service level.

    Product introduction:

    • Supports all video, file, network streaming media format
    • Pre-installed native Andrews system, built-in google Play Store and other Google applications
    • Also pre-installed custom system, including customized Andrews system or raspberry system
    • Equipped touch-screen with full-glass structure, with ultra-high sensitivity, and support all OS system

    Information Sheet:

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