Wall mount tablet pc android 8inch with LED Light Bar SH8058WA

◉ With its sleek and professional design, Tablet pc android 8inch is ideal for use in meeting rooms.
◉ Tablet pc android comes equipped with a customized smart app that allows you to book meeting rooms quickly and easily. And with the LED light bar indicator, you’ll always know the status of the room.

$ 168.00


Wall mount tablet pc android 8inch with LED Light Bar

Looking for versatile touch screen solution for your meeting room?

Check out Tablet pc android 8inch. This tablet pc android features a high-quality IPS touch display with LED frame, capable of displaying room availability data from your booking software.

Plus, with an optional plexiglass stand for added stability and visibility, you can ensure that your meeting room is always ready for action.

The intuitive, interactive user interface makes managing meetings a breeze. And with network accessibility, you can view crucial meeting information remotely, saving time and money on labor costs.

So why wait? Invest in the SH1583WA today and take your meeting room to the next level!

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Tablet pc android 8inch with versatile Touch Screen Solution.

Tablet pc android 8inch is a versatile and flexible display with a wide range of applications. They can be used in corporate spaces in conjunction with meeting room booking software utilising the LED frame as a room availability indicator. These displays can also be used as point of sale touch screens in a host of locations too, such as retail, entertainment, hospitality, museums and art galleries.

Of course, Tablet pc android 8inch can be used in public space.

As well as having a buttonless tempered glass frontage and rounded corners these Wall mount Tablet pc android 8inch also have an enclosure made from a light-weight polymer so they are ideal for shelf edge and POS displays. They also have a screwless design to achieve a seamless aesthetic and avoid tampering.

Wall mount Tablet pc android 8inch have an integrated and secure screw based mounting solution on the rear for easy wall or stand installation.



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Yes, we fully support the customized brand visual identity service on Tablet pc android.
our Tablet pc android can be customised to suit your requirements by adding your logo or printed graphics or even tailoring the colour of product.
We can also carry out hardware modifications to existing products or manufacture bespoke solutions for special projects.
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