Best 10inch outdoor computer waterproof touch screen monitors SH1012AIO

◉10inch outdoor computer waterproof touch screen monitors is a popular choice that offers clear visuals even in direct sunlight with anti-glare interference.
◉Waterproof touch screen monitors is equipped with an onboard Intel Core processor and Mini SATA compatibility that ensures an enhanced performance.

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Information Sheet:

Model SH1012AIO 10inch outdoor computer waterproof touch screen monitors
Display Specifications Display Parameters 10.1 inch WLED backlight
Resolution 1366*768
Display size 217mm*136mm
Display ratio 16:10
Pitch 0.1695*0.1695mm
Brightness 350cd/m2
Contrast 1000:1
Color 16.7M
Response time 5ms
Life 50000h
Function Specifications System X86 (Support WIN7,8.1,10,Linux Ubuntu)
CPU architecture Intel Bay Trail N2807 1.58GHz
Harddisk M Sata SSD 32G
Memory Kingston DDR3L 2G
Graphics CPU integrated Intel graphics core
External I/O port 1*VGA-out, HDMI1.4b-out, 2* RJ45,USB2.0*2
Features WIFI:a/b/g/n
Touch Specifications Touch technology 10-capacitive touch panel with muti points(support 10 points)
Touch Mode Finger ≥5mm
Response time 4ms
Touch life Durability of a single point ≥ 50 million times
Light resistance Full angle of anti-glare
Physical resolution 32768 * 32768
Positioning accuracy ≤ ± 0.5mm
Input of touch foil USB
Active touch area 217mmX136mm
Operating temperature -20-60C
Storage temperature -20-75C
Solution of touch driver EETI
Machine Specifications Power AC110-240V
Power consumption 12W
Standby power 1W
Audio output 2*8Ω2W peaker
Material Toughened glass covered in front of panel / Aluminum frame / Steel plate material,enclosure aluminum
Color: Black/Silver
Accessories AC power cable , keys , user manual, warranty;

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10inch outdoor computer waterproof touch screen monitors

10inch outdoor computer waterproof touch screen monitors to provide maximum portability and versatility, and our team of experts has worked tirelessly to design a slim and lightweight monitor that is sleek, portable, powerful, and advanced. This Outdoor computer monitors is perfect for those who want to elevate their presentation game, stream media, or display digital signage, making it a valuable asset for businesses and organizations alike. Our Waterproof computer monitors have full glass construction and ultra-high sensitivity, providing durability and reliability even in challenging environments.

What makes this Waterproof touch screen monitors even more impressive is that you have the option of selecting either an IP 65 or NEMA 4 rated waterproof touchscreen, whichever best fits your specific requirements. With USB connectivity, 180-degree rotation, and support for all OS systems, you have maximum flexibility in usage.

This Best touch screen monitors is an excellent choice for interactive applications, such as conferences or video teleconferencing. Furthermore, its easy installation and customization make it ideal for presentation displays and digital signage. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your display experience with our 10inch outdoor computer waterproof touch screen monitors.

Waterproof computer monitor are perfect fit in many industries such as conference room presentations, video teleconferencing, or any application where you need a powerful PC behind a large LCD digital display. Highly Customizable display.
  1. Touch screen computer monitor SH1012AIO with high transparency makes for a clear display appearance.
  2. As Touch screen computer monitor is made of glass, projected capacitive touch screensare tough and weather-resistant.
  3. Configurations can be freely combined, such as CPU, memory, graphics card, SSD can be freely combined according to your requirements.
  4. Last longer because there are no moving parts.
  5. Standard VESA holesize for easily mounting.
  6. Capacitive 10 points Touch, support Multi Touch Gestures like Flick, Pinch and Swipe.
The Waterproof computer monitors is 10.1 inches in size, and its slim profile makes it lightweight and easy to carry. The exact weight is not stated, but it is designed to be portable.
The Outdoor computer monitors is designed to be used in tough environments. It is waterproof with an IP65 rating or NEMA 4 rated waterproof touch screen, making it suitable for use in humid or wet conditions.
Waterproof touch screen monitors is designed to provide advanced PC performance with a powerful LCD display, making it suitable for presentations, streaming media, digital signage, or any other application where you require high-quality visuals.