03 Series touch screen display
Product description

03 Series touch screen display Using LED backlight high-definition LCD screen and specific decoding display solution combined with EETI capacitive touch function, used in all kinds of commercial scenarios, perfect to solve the demand of combined display output and interactive control…

Your benefits
  • Supports horizontal and vertical screen playback, support for 180 -degree rotation function.
  • Support for USB playback , USB update , USB upgrade function.
  • Support multi-language OSD.
  • Equipped touch-screen with full-glass structure, with ultra-high sensitivity, and support all OS system.
Product video
LED Backlight LCD screen

Selection high resolution, high brightness, wide viewing angle of LED backlight LCD screen.

Display system

Embedded Linux decoding display system

Touch function

10 point touch, finger or stylus, reaction time is 4ms, durability ≥ 50 million touches, full-angle anti-glare;


1 * USB2.0, 1 * HDMI Input, 1 * VGA, 2 * AUDIO Jack, 1 * USB for touch


Front toughened glass / Aluminum frame / Steel plate material / Front frame silver / Back shell black

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