Industrial touchscreen monitor
Product description

Industrial touchscreen monitor front cover support IP65 waterproof,Suitable for embedded installation.Site-specific requirements applicable to information exchange;

Your benefits
  • Supports all video, file, network streaming media format;
  • RTC regular boot, power on automatically boot.
  • Pre-installed custom system, including Chrome OS、Windows、Mac and Linux.
  • With X86 architecture, all configurations can be customized according to customer, including CPU, Memory, Storage and so on.
  • Equipped touch-screen with full-glass structure, with ultra-high sensitivity, and support all OS system.
LED Backlight LCD screen

Selection high resolution, high brightness, wide viewing angle of LED backlight LCD screen.

Touch function

10 point touch, finger or stylus, reaction time is 4ms, durability ≥ 50 million touches, full-angle anti-glare;

Display system

Processor graphics INTEL Core Graphics 4000; display frequency 1.05 GHz;

Operating system

With the X86 architecture, all configurations can be customized, including the main chip, memory, storage space, etc.; pre-installed customized systems, including but not limited to Chrome OS, Windows, Mac and Linux;


Bluetooth 4.0 / R232 / R485 / R422 port; can be used in more extended functions;


Front toughened glass / Aluminum frame / Steel plate material / Front frame silver / Back shell black (Front shell supports IP65 waterproof).


Port: 1*VGA-out, HDMI1.4b-out, 2* RJ45,USB2.0*2

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