75 Series floor standing ad player
Product description

Floor standing ad player makes use of mature advertising program, more convenient application of exhibition location, hotels and other public advertising display area, is the most cost-effective advertising solutions…

Your benefits
  • Video support completely seamless handover (currently similar products on the market two video switching have one to two seconds of black or need to pause processing).
  • Video 90 degree turn over without tools for transcoding. Support the menu and play content (video and pictures) 90, 180, 270 degree rotation.
  • Boot automatic play / support timer switch function / support super long running water subtitles display function, can adjust the font size and speed of scrolling subtitles.
  • Support files directly copy and delete / support USB playback, support hot plug, convenient and quick to update content.
  • Play mode: single repeat player, folder cycle player, full cycle playback.
  • Picture playback: rotation, scaling, translation, slide show, background music playback.
  • Audio mode: left, right, stereo.
  • OSD multi language support: Chinese, English and other languages / calendar function.
Product video
LED Backlight LCD screen

Selection high resolution, high brightness, wide viewing angle of LED backlight LCD screen.


Front toughened glass / Aluminum frame / Steel plate material / Front frame silver / Back shell black


2 * USB2.0

Display system

With main chip: A9 single-core, 1GHz / Flash: 256Mb / storage space: Built-in 8Gb; embedded Linux decoding display system, with more powerful graphics and video editing capabilities …

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