Raspberry Pi computer in your business

Top 10 uses of Raspberry Pi computer in your business.

Top 10 uses of Raspberry Pi computer in your business. - Table of contents:

Raspberry Pi Computer is a series of small, single-board computers developed to teach computer science basics to school students and other people in low-income countries. It became a popular and easy-to-experiment tool to develop school projects, hardware programming, robotics, basic automated machines, circuits, etc.

The Uses of Raspberry Pi is a small, quite affordable, and very much capable hardware device called a credit card size computer.

Raspberry Pi computer in your business

What is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is a type of circuit board developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation in the UK. It’s a “single-board computer” built for educational use. A typical model looks like the picture above and comes equipped with electronic components and terminals.

The circuit boards that are populated with these types of electronic components are often called “boards” (not “circuit boards”), or more specifically, “single-board computers,” and the whole unit is referred to as a Raspberry Pi. They are designed to be smaller in size, and they have a lower cost and power consumption by focusing only on the components necessary to function as a PC.

Raspberry Pi computer in your business

Top 10 Uses Of Raspberry Pi Computer In Your Business

There are several benefits of using a Raspberry Pi. Please find the below sections, where Raspberry Pi has been used widely and effectively. Below is the list of the top 10 uses of Raspberry Pi Computer.

1. Raspberry Pi desktop PC

Using Raspberry Pi, the microSD card, and a power supply, a simple desktop can be made. We would also need an HDMI cable and a suitable HD video monitor. A USB keyboard and mouse are also needed.

The new version, which is Raspberry Pi 3, has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth too. If a different model is used, compatible USB dongles would be required.

Once everything is set up, and your preferred operating system is installed (the latest version of Raspbian), your desktop computer is ready to be used.

Raspberry Pi computer in your business

2. Wireless Raspberry Pi print server

This requires installing Samba file-sharing software and CUPS (Common Unix Printing System). CUPS provides drivers for the printer and administration console.

After this, a Pi configuration is needed to ensure a Windows or Mac computer can access the printer via a network. The printer must have a USB cable.

3. Raspberry Pi media center

Many estimates suggest one of the main uses of Raspberry Pi is a Kodi media center. Several Kodi builds have been released as disk images. OSMC and OpenElec are among the most popular.

Installing Kodi comes with some caveats. It is recommended that we install only safe and legal add-ons from the official Kodi repositories. Also, a Raspberry Pi running Kodi is vulnerable to a few security issues. Hence, setting up a VPN to encrypt data is recommended.

Raspberry Pi computer in your business

4. Raspberry Pi with games

The basic operating system for the Raspberry Pi has a special version of the Minecraft game pre-installed. Raspberry Pi applications can be used as a game server. It’s a fantastic Minecraft game server. A wonderful gaming experience can be created by using many Raspberry Pi.

5. Raspberry Pi retro gaming

As a retro gaming machine, the Raspberry Pi is perfect. It is one of the machine’s lightest components. The Raspberry Pi Zero, in particular, is a variant that can fit into small locations and be used for gaming projects. The Raspberry Pi may also be used to restore many popular 16-bit game systems.

6. Control robot with Raspberry Pi

There are numerous Raspberry Pi robot-controller projects. A specific robotics package for Pi is available, powered by the device battery, and can interface with and control robots.

Raspberry Pi computer in your business

7. Raspberry Pi stop motion camera

Using Python and a suitable mount (standard tripod for clay- or toy-based) and the availability of a well-lit area Stop motion camera can be built. But, this is a time-consuming process. One needs a good amount of practice to get good results.

8. Raspberry Pi time lapse camera

The Raspberry Pi camera module and the different scripts create another use that captures movies. This can be achieved by taking single frames with a time delay. Also needed is, perhaps a portable battery solution, and a tripod can be used. A smartphone tripod is preferred to ensure the device remains sturdy.

9. Raspberry Pi FM radio Station

Raspberry Pi can also be used to broadcast on FM radio. Pi can broadcast only over a short-range. A portable battery and soldering skills may be required here. Any audio which needs to be broadcast will need to be loaded beforehand to the microSD card.

Raspberry Pi computer in your business

10. Raspberry Pi web servers

Another great application of Raspberry Pi is to create a web server out of it. What this means is that it can be configured to host a website much like any other server. It can host blogs too. First of all, the right software needs to be installed and that is Apache and its dependent libraries. A full LAMP stack can also be installed with PHP, MySQL, and Apache too. Setting up FTP is also helpful.

Once all these steps as mentioned are completed, HTML files can be saved into the /www/ directory, and the Raspberry Pi web servers is ready to be used. Specific web software like WordPress can also be used once the server setup is complete.


Raspberry Pi Computer is versatile and very useful. The above use cases depict it. Students of computer science, electronics, and similar disciplines must spend time learning this cool skill; they would enjoy and also become very good at the fundamentals of computer programming and hardware technologies. A lot of fun projects, activities, and college-level competitions can be won by having sound knowledge of Raspberry Pi.

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After connecting the power supply and extra peripherals to the Raspberry Pi, you need to download your desired OS and have it installed with the help of the user manual available on its website.
Windows is not an officially supported OS for Raspberry Pi.