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8 Incredible benefits of self service kiosks

8 Incredible benefits of self service kiosks - Table of contents:

Self service kiosks are increasingly a trend. Besides bringing a certain freedom to the consumer, they speed up many tasks that we carry out on a daily basis.

This self-service kiosks has been increasingly used by all sectors of activity, from restaurants to hotels, airports, hypermarkets and supermarkets, cinemas, healthcare facilities, banks, among many others.

In addition to eliminating long queues, they save users time. At the same time, it allows them to perform a series of functions that are traditionally carried out manually.

These self service kiosk are the future and intend to revolutionize the way you do business. Modern and elegant, they were designed to offer simple and intuitive solutions for everyone, guaranteeing customers convenience and security.

The self-service kiosks are gaining even more adhesion due to a series of advantages for both users and owners. Thus, the following benefits of self-service kiosks are as follow.

Self service kiosks

1. Saving Resources

One of the key benefits of self service kiosks to your organization is that they will save you resources, particularly staff time.

Take, for example, self service information kiosk for tourist management . These kiosks allow visitors, staff, and contractors to sign in to your building using a kiosk without needing any assistance from a receptionist. This allows your administration and reception staff to focus on more pressing tasks.

Not only are you able to save valuable time here, but you can take these saved resources and distribute them where needed.

2. Adaptability

Self service kiosk can be easily adapted to meet emerging requirements within your business.

For example, you may want to take advantage of your customer engagement with your advertising kiosks by adding a payment option to allow your customers to make a purchase there and then.

This can be achieved by adapting your advertising kiosk and integrating a payment device. Most kiosks include the option to integrate with payment devices such as Ingenico, Verifone, and Worldpay.

By adapting your kiosk to take payments you have the chance to provide more upselling opportunities.

As your customers progress through the purchasing process the kiosk display could show other similar products or premium versions to offer instead.

Self service kiosks

3. Connectivity

The adaptability of self-service kiosks ties directly into their connectivity. Because self-service kiosks are networked, they can be remotely accessed and controlled from anywhere with an internet connection using cloud-based software.

This allows you to push new content, software, fixes and more to the kiosks remotely from anywhere in the world.

One of these types of cloud-based software is a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS lets you create and schedule the content you want to be displayed across your kiosk network.

Being able to do this remotely means you can update your kiosk displays instantly to push the content you want at any given time.

For example, if you have a new product available, you can add promotional content to your CMS and push that to your kiosk network the moment it is launched. This means you can immediately start promoting your new product to your customers and have less chance of missing potential sales.

4. Serve More Customers

Self service kiosk for restaurants that provide a checkout or purchasing system, offer your customers an alternative checkout route that is typically much quicker.

In fact, if kiosk ordering is available, more than 65% of customers would visit a restaurant more often and 30% of customers prefer to order from a kiosk versus a cashier.

Spreading your queuing customers across kiosks and a standard checkout allows your flow of customers to keep moving with reduced waiting times.

This allows your business to serve more customers in a shorter time, while also working to attract those customers who prefer to use self-service methods. This has the added benefit of creating a positive customer experience that your customers will share through word of mouth.

Self service kiosks

5. Self service kiosks

improved customer experience

With self service kiosks, users feel they have more control and more choice, and are more satisfied with the experience.

Self-service kiosks are indicated for those who prefer to have autonomy in their experiences, which ends up reducing stress during this process. Self-service kiosks also allow customers to be more informed about the products that a company has to offer, while increasing user satisfaction.

6. Quicker Service

Self-service kiosks provide faster checkout and assistance than traditional counter-manned options. Customers who know exactly what they want when they approach the kiosk will be able to select that option and checkout without any need for an explanation from a staff member.

This speed and efficiency are desired by many of your customers as 49.4% of retail customers use self-service checkouts because they find the experience to be faster.

You can miss out on potential sales if customers come into your retail space and see a queue at the counter.

Having self-service kiosks available lets your customers quickly and easily check out, enabling you to retain valuable customers and preventing you from losing out to a competitor.

Self service kiosks

7. Increased revenue and efficiency

With automation, there is a reduction in operating costs and general expenses. In addition, as employees tend to dedicate themselves to more important and urgent tasks, companies become more efficient and therefore more profitable.

In other words, despite the initial investment that self-service kiosks carry, there is an excellent return on this investment (ROI).

8. Ease of payment

Self service kiosk machine turn out to be the preferred option for customers to carry out transactions and payments, which are especially useful during peak hours or peak periods.

Self service kiosks

In short, self-service kiosks help companies to perform better supervision, security and management of operations. At the same time, consumers do not need to waste time in queues and have more choices.

Self-service kiosks aim precisely to empower customers and improve commercial operations.

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Yes, self-service kiosks are great for processing orders, but they can’t take the place of living, thinking employees. Instead, use kiosks to reduce wait times and shorten lines, and reallocate your manpower elsewhere.
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