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dual sided Kiosk
dual sided display

Dual sided kiosk not only doubles its appeal. (78AD style)

Compared with single-sided LCD display kiosk, Lcd Advertising Dual sided kiosk can undoubtedly show the high-end intelligence level and humanized service level, thus making customers feel at home, create excellent service reputation and create interactive experience in the intelligent era.

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AIO with screen
aio with lcd screen

AIO with screen (03AIO Style)

We provide customized digital display solutions as a one-stop solution for developing AIO with screen products from concept to production to maintenance. We will match your ideas with the actual finished products and bring your innovative customized AIO with screen to the market.

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best digital whiteboards
All in one display

How to define the best digital whiteboards? (06AIO Style)

Best digital whiteboards support remote conference under the unified pattern of remote office, sharing synchronization screen, dual-way voice conversation, remote conference realized without delay in real time, high transmission stability to meet high efficiency communication.

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Digital signage product catalog
17 inch

Digital signage product catalog 202104

The Digital signage product catalog covers our Advertisement display, All in one display, Commercial display, Digital photo frame, Interactive display, WIFI tablet pc categories. Although most of our products involve customized requirements, all products on the Digital signage product catalog can provide sample order, please click the link on the Digital signage product catalog page to access more detailed information, and you can directly place an order for purchase;

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Touch screen kiosks
kiosk display

Collection of touch screen kiosks

Gather the products with touch screen kiosks appearance design and application instructions, including the product evolution of touch screen kiosks under different built-in systems, application improvement in different scenarios, etc…

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Smart kiosk
All in one display

How does smart kiosk work? (75AIO Style)

These elegant designed, strong and robust willed Kiosk monitor cases works with an active cooling and dust protection system. It has a highly professional response super fast smart kiosk. Internally the electronics are safely protected from overheat and dust thus assuring stable and durable 24/7 optimal operation.

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Stretched lcd display in transport
bar style lcd

Stretched lcd display in transport

Shenzhen Metro Line 10, Stretched bar lcd display not only can effectively provide specific relevant information to prompt passengers to cooperate effectively and reduce necessary trouble.
But also can be projected from advertisements to content on the state of the facilities, as well as entertain users with local news, climate and other data in real time.

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