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Six common problems of LCD advertising display

LCD advertising display is a new platform for advertising communication at present. Its fields include transportation hubs, shopping malls, museums, banks and many other public places. The lifespan of LCD advertising display is more than 6 years, the possibility of problems in the use of LCD advertising display is inevitable, so it is very necessary for users to master some basic solutions to the faults of LCD advertising display.

Six common problems of LCD advertising display:

1. The LCD advertising display did not respond after the power supply

First, check whether the dedicated power supply is powered on, which is a common problem in practical application. You can try to remove the back cover of the LCD advertising display for inspection to see if the wire is falling off or loose. Test method: Use a multimeter to measure whether the indicator light is normal. If it is normal, it will prove that the power supply is powered and eliminate the problem of power failure. Secondly, check the power-on condition of the decoding board, the advertising machine driver board, the high-voltage bar, the horn and the LCD screen in sequence to see if the power-on condition is caused by the failure of accessories.

2. Automatic shutdown of LCD advertising display after starting up

Primary identify LCD advertising player menu settings if in punctuality off state; Machine rendering short circuit representation replacement motherboard; gao ya tiao operation not normal, replacement gao ya tiao; Remote control doesn’t work well.

3. When switching on and off the LCD advertising display, the screen presents disturbing Miscellaneous lines.

This situation is caused by the signal disturbance of the graphics card and is attributed to the normal appearance. This question can be dealt with by automatically or manually adjusting the phase.

4. When the LCD advertising display is started, there is no sound and the screen is not displayed. At this time, it may be the problem that the indicator light on the front panel flashes.

If there is no sound, you can open the back cover of the LCD advertising display, use a universal meter to check whether the drive board is powered on, and then check whether the connection of the horn line is normal. If the horn has a loud noise, this means that the drive board of the advertising machine has been damaged and can be replaced. If there is no display screen on the screen, the user can check whether the signal connection between the Monitor and the computer is firm enough, and carefully check whether there is any problem with the interface of the signal line, if there is a pin bending, damage phenomena such as breaking should be replaced in time.

5. The screen of LCD advertising display flashes seriously

Please check whether there is magnetic field disturbance around the LCD advertising display; Please check whether the power supply voltage is stable; Please check the display device and graphics card driver; Improve refresh rate by 75HZ; if it still doesn’t work, it can only be repaired by the LCD advertising display manufacturer.

6. Color difference occurs when the LCD advertising display is used for a period of time.

How can we slow down its light decay without being bothered by it. First, control the power level, and control the local oscillator output power in the microwave superheterodyne receiver to obtain the best noise coefficient and frequency conversion loss to achieve the best receiving effect. In the microwave receiver, automatic gain control is realized to improve the dynamic range. Jump attenuator used in radar anti-jamming: it is a kind of variable attenuator with sudden attenuation energy. It does not introduce attenuation at ordinary times and suddenly increases attenuation when encountering external interference.

The above six points are aimed at the minor problems that may occur in the use of LCD advertising display. You can solve them by yourself with a little basic knowledge. I hope it will be helpful to you. The technical engineer of the advertising machine reminds users that the LCD advertising display existing as an electronic product should also be cleaned up regularly by special personnel, pay attention to the instructions of the use of the LCD advertising display, and do not dismantle the machine without permission, etc.

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