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How to make smart whiteboards enhance modern education?

How to make smart whiteboards enhance modern education? - Table of contents:

With the development of society, we have entered an era of information technology, and modern education that adopts smart whiteboards as teaching terminals is different from traditional education.

It “promotes the diversity and relevance of teaching methods, and all students should learn through a variety of methods and forms appropriate to their goals and personalities, using modern information, communication, and media to achieve interactivity, interest, and variety of external stimuli.”

smart whiteboards

Modern education is gradually moving away from the old teaching model

The change of this mode is reflected in the update of teaching methods.

Give full play to students’ cognitive subjects and change students’ passive state in learning.

In order to meet the needs of students’ learning and the development of education, we have to introduce multimedia forms that are more suitable for students, so that our teaching can be targeted and really change the monotonous mode of traditional education so that learning with pleasure can be put into practice and meet the requirements of modern teaching laws.

As a new interactive whiteboard online, smart whiteboard integrates the functions of the electronic whiteboard, short-focus projection, amplifier, audio, computer, video booth, central control, and other multimedia equipment in one.

Digital whiteboard for teaching and achieve the best writing effect, fully meet the needs of modern teaching applications, in one fell swoop to solve the current multimedia classroom a variety of equipment scattered, connection chaos, cumbersome operation, poor coordination and compatibility of equipment and other issues.

It facilitates teachers to carry out multimedia teaching easily and comfortably, enriches teaching means, expands teaching expressions, makes regular classroom teaching dynamic, stimulates students’ interest in learning and interactive participation, and improves the quality and efficiency of classroom teaching.

smart whiteboards

Application of the smart whiteboard in teaching marks a qualitative leap in teaching media.

It creates a teaching environment with realistic images and a combination of motion and stillness, which makes the teaching means richer and changes the monotony of traditional education of “one mouth, one chalk, and one blackboard”.

For teachers in the teaching process, it provides an image of expression, gives full play to the initiative and enthusiasm of students, facilitates the breakthrough of teaching key points and difficulties, thus optimizing the classroom, improving the quality of classroom teaching, and playing a role in promoting the improvement of teaching effectiveness.

The assistance and participation of teaching smart whiteboard will lead to a qualitative revolution in the field of teaching and learning.

Know the “quality of existence, innovation and development” of the teaching smart whiteboard is a good digital whiteboard for teaching.

Interactive teaching smart whiteboard has strong characteristics of integration, interactivity and visibility.

It is based on the combination of text, graphics, animation, video, sound and other information, the most important feature is that the interactive collaborative learning between teachers and students, providing a controllable and operational strong human-computer interaction, human and human communication and information transfer feedback environment, creating a good interface for communication between teachers and students.

smart whiteboards

Now interactive teaching smart whiteboard has become a good partner in teaching.

1. Graphic and audio-visual, to mobilize students’ emotions, attention, and interest from multiple angles.

According to psychology, “interest is a psychological tendency to aspire to, be fascinated by, or actively explore the pursuit of something”.

Students have an interest in learning, which can lead to a psychological love and pursuit of learning activities, thus stimulating students’ learning feelings and motivating them to learn.

Therefore, it is the primary task of teachers to stimulate students’ interest in learning.

With interest, students can pay attention and think actively, so that they can give full play to the main role of students in the classroom and receive good teaching results.

All-in-one smart whiteboard can vividly, graphically and intuitively display a large amount of information, create a strong teaching atmosphere, and become an effective teaching tool to stimulate students’ interest in learning.

smart whiteboards

2. Interactivity engages students and realizes the concept of student-centered classroom teaching.

The teaching all-in-one makes students participate in the learning process, when the teaching all-in-one does not only belong to the teacher, but more importantly, it also belongs to the students.

Students can write and present on the teaching smart whiteboard, which is noticed by their classmates and has a sense of freshness and accomplishment.

At the same time unknowingly also exercise their comprehensive ability to make the computer like a learning partner to discuss and communicate with students. And this kind of function of students writing on the spot on the smart whiteboard, which cannot be achieved by the general PPT.

And the operation of the all-in-one smart whiteboard is very simple to learn. Students have the possibility of active participation in such an interactive learning environment, instead of everything being arranged by the teacher and students can only passively accept it, which really achieves the ideal state of teaching and learning with fun.

smart whiteboards

3. Record and save the classroom teaching process to double the teaching effect.

The teaching all-in-one smart whiteboard can record all the details of the teacher’s teaching and students’ learning process. This function allows students to review each part of the classroom teaching process and the key parts at any time.

The process of transcribing notes has also changed, as classroom teaching and learning can be recorded in the most common format so that more time can be spent participating in group learning or exchanging feedback.

This improves learning efficiency, saves time and increases classroom density.

This recording and saving process can be achieved not only through the recording function of writing and playing, but also through the function of taking pictures.

smart whiteboards

4. Classroom materials can be retrieved at will, and the pictures are flexible and versatile.

One of the misconceptions of our multimedia teaching now is that whether the content of the lecture is suitable or necessary to use multimedia courseware to teach.

In the classroom from beginning to end is the use of multimedia courseware, the teacher is only the announcer and narrator, lost the position of control over teaching and learning as it should be, and even the situation that some teachers can not teach practice after leaving multimedia courseware.

In the use of PPT-assisted teaching, there are often some people afraid of operational errors, for convenience, the courseware is designed into a sequential structure, the class only need to press a key, the courseware can only be “played” in order, a slight change in the order, it will disrupt the designed sequence of the courseware.

The lesson is a “running lesson” and the teacher is almost always just clicking the mouse.

There may also be due to the teacher in the production of courseware, some pictures and sounds are not “packaged”, once the machine is replaced, some pictures are not displayed in the lecture, but only a large “x” sign on the screen, so that the lecturer embarrassed.

Creating PPT courseware requires not only strong computer skills, but also sufficient time and energy for teachers.

For some special reasons, some teachers need to spend a lot of time and energy to make courseware for a lesson that could have been taught well by traditional teaching, instead they neglect the research on teaching methods and the selection of teaching molds.

When teaching with an smart whiteboard, you can simply enter some text and a few pictures, and much of the content is generated live in the classroom, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time creating courseware before.

Then there is the class can not be predetermined after the generation of questions, you can randomly retrieve any of the pages and pictures inside for interactive teaching, avoiding the inability to play at random because of the order set in advance of the class.

In the classroom, we used the most effective function of “external tools” in the “Insert” of the
smart whiteboard, and retrieved the function of sweepstakes software, so that students could enjoy the fun of learning in the middle of it.

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