Solutions for digital signage in retail

Benefits of Retail Digital Signage Solutions.

Benefits of Retail Digital Signage Solutions. - Table of contents:

Retailers in the modern market rely heavily on digital signage solutions to capture customer attention and attract new business. Digital signage can be used for targeted customer advertisements, as well as interactive displays that are essential for a successful retail experience. Studies have found that up to 90% of customers will leave a store when they cannot find what they are looking for, making it crucial for retailers to invest in digital signage solutions.

Retail digital signage solutions offer businesses the opportunity to cost-effectively deliver a rich and engaging customer experience. Leveraging dynamic digital signage rather than traditional poster printing enables businesses to quickly update key marketing messaging across all of their retail locations simultaneously while giving customers access to more meaningful content.

Solutions for digital signage in retail

Desired Benefits:

* Provide consumers with product information quickly and effectively
* Enhance customer satisfaction
* Reduce customer wait time
* Create efficient, convenient storefronts
* Minimize operating costs
* Improve brand and perception

ShiningLTD is revolutionizing how retailers promote their businesses by providing an effective, cost-effective, and easy-to-use digital signage solution powered by the Internet of Things. By deploying ShiningLTD’s digital signage solution, retailers can improve their sales performance, operational efficiency, and customer experiences.

How can provide a better user experience and personalized service for customers during holidays when the flow of visitors increases significantly? It’s worth careful consideration for every retailer. Digital signage is new assistance for retail. Data proves that digital signage beside the check-out counter can boost sales as about 70 percent of customers would increase purchases under the influence of information displayed on the screen.

Solutions for digital signage in retail

How can retailers provide an attractive shopping experience with the help of digital signage?

Retail digital signage helps to boost sales by attracting customers’ attention

Usually, when people are doing something interesting, they feel the time passes quickly. By setting digital signage supported by Shelf edge display beside the window and at the check-out counter to attract customers’ attention through vivid and interesting content, retailers can arouse the purchasers’ desire and boost sales. Obviously, static advertising has no such effects. Attractive content is very important for digital signage display. Data shows that about four-fifths of customers will increase their purchasing by 33% if the retailers can arrange the display content appropriately.

Retail digital signage solutions supports an interactive experience

Shelf edge display can support digital signage solutions which are suitable for consumers of all age groups in the shopping mall. The solution supports HDMI display port and onboard super-high-speed SD slot, which can provide high-speed transmission bandwidth for customers’ onsite interactive experience. The interactive setting can be games for children. When the children are playing games, parents have time to sit down for rest or coffee. With digital signage, parents can also take photos of their children or send holiday cards to themselves via email.

Retail signage solutions, an assistant for self-service shopping

The traditional shopping is usually passive. We can make shopping more fun by applying digital signage. For example, by using the smart dress mirror supported by Retail digital signage solutions, customers can try completely new shopping model. They can see how they look like in the clothes on the screen immediately after they put the clothes in front of the smart dress mirror. It’s very convenient. Through swift connection, they can also share their experience with their friends. By combining the shopping and interaction, the retailers can make shopping more interesting.

Numerous competitors, labels stuck everywhere, messy sales content and people just coming by are common problems most retailers face.

Besides, with the fast development of E-commerce, shopping online has become people’s important daily consuming model, which makes it more difficult for retailers to retain customers and to make money.

Digital signage, a new media which integrates audio and visual effect, is popular among retailers. ShiningLTD as a digital signage player provider with strong technical capacities and rich R&D experience always follows the market trends closely. Digital signage in retail to help retailers solve the problems they are facing in operation. The new product can provide support for the digital signage solution, which integrates an operation system, multi-media player, terminal screens, and software.

Solutions for digital signage in retail

Realizing Precision Marketing by optimizing sales information management

By using Shelf edge display commercial digital signage resolution, retailers can realize the real-time release of advertisement posters, new products, and updated information. Besides, this solution enables retailers to realize precision marketing, by sending product information to customers according to their consuming preferences. Retailers can update advertisement information through the background management system, which is easy and convenient.

Improving store image and increasing sales

In this solution, digital signage is adopted to display visual-seducing advertisement images, videos, and texts. The new form, which brings more interaction with customers, can help to improve the image and level of the store. It is an efficient way to increase the stores’ brand value and image value.

Besides the ordinary marketing information, the retail operators can also send service information to customers, such as parking situation, weather forecast, and football matches schedule. The multi-dimensional services provided by retailers will leave deeper impression on customers and increase chances for them to return to consume next time. It helps to bring more profit for the retailers.

Solutions for digital signage in retail

Retail has been divided into two camps, on-line and off-line. The two camps have been in an adversarial relationship for a long time.

As the development of Internet and breakthrough of other technologies, the concept of “new retail”, which integrated retail and new technology, becomes popular in a short time.

New retail, which reflects the nature of the retail-a combination of people, commodities, and places, combines online and offline methods. Taking users’ experience as the center, the new model changes users’ consumption scenes. In the times of IoT (Internet of Things), in order to create a smart, interactive, and personalized shopping environment, the application of commercial digital signage becomes an indispensable part of new retail.

Solutions for digital signage in retail

Excellent support for a smart shopping environment

Digital signage supported by Shelf edge display in retail stores can display 4k images, which have a stronger visual impact and can attract consumers’ attention more easily. It also supports carousel display, which can deliver commodity information to customers efficiently with direct and dynamic images and help to boost sales. In the meanwhile, innovative advertisement display can help stores build their images and improve their brand and image value.

Can help to provide a personalized shopping experience

Retailers can use Shelf edge display to establish digital counters, which display info about commodities on digital screens. Customers can check commodities info quickly and even order what they want through the digital counters directly. The new shopping model can reduce customers’ waiting time, offer a personalized and model shopping experience, and help retailers reduce storage costs and earn more profit.

What you really need?

Through digital signage system solution supported by Shelf edge display, retailers can master different consumption habits and characteristics of various shopping groups by analyzing the data collected. They can optimize their sales strategy and deliver the commodity information more precisely, enabling customers to receive the information they really want.

Retailers have high requirements on equipment management considering their special operation environments. Shelf edge lcd screen realizes power on/off by alarm, infrared remote control, and automatic restart. The technology makes lcd screen easy to be managed and maintained and reduces maintenance costs at the same time.

Solutions for digital signage in retail
ShiningLTD is dedicated to providing Retail digital signage solutions that exceed customer expectations through superior products and excellent service. Our retail digital signage solutions feature cutting-edge technologies to meet the needs of different market segments and applications, ensuring that customers have access to the latest interactive experiences.

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Digital signage in the retail space is a powerful tool that can help increase customer engagement, boost sales and improve the overall shopping experience. Solutions for digital signage in retail can include interactive kiosks, dynamic product displays, content-rich videos, omni-channel marketing messages and store maps.
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