stretched bar LCD display

8 points for attention in applying stretched bar LCD display.

8 points for attention in applying stretched bar LCD display. - Table of contents:

The application field of Stretched bar LCD display is continuously expanding, and more and more merchants are interested in the value brought by advertising display, We have outlined several considerations for applying stretched bar LCD display.

stretched bar LCD display

Stretched bar Lcd display is a long strip LCD with an aspect ratio larger than an ordinary display. As a cutting and customized product, it is used in retail, transportation, banking, enterprises, and other industries due to its various sizes, clear display, and rich functions, and the scope of use is increasingly expanding.

With the development of our country’s economy, the progress of science and technology and the intensification of market competition, the demand for advertising business promotion is increasing day by day, the advertising market is growing continuously, and the technology of LCD advertising display is also constantly improving.

Stretched lcd screen changes in the era of luck and market demands are recognized by more and more users. In addition, the appearance is fashionable and high-end, the operation is simple, the management is convenient, and the function is powerful.

Characteristics of the stretched bar LCD display:

Stretched bar LCD screen, the appearance design is simple, fashionable, and atmosphere, with a clear resolution, high color gamut, and ultra-high contrast ratio.

The unique distributed Stretched bar lcd monitor release system ensures that pictures and videos are not distorted or pulled up, and truly achieve point-to-point HD playback. In addition, the LCD stretched bar screen has the features of radiation protection, ultraviolet ray protection, corrosion protection, high-temperature resistance, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, more stable quality of all-alloy body, and better heat dissipation performance.

The stretched bar LCD display is equipped with a unique information release system, which makes the advertising information release more convenient and easy. Cloud connection and mobile phone control release make the stretched bar lcd monitor free of technical barriers in daily use and allow users to publish and manage at will anytime and anywhere.

The stretched lcd screen is combined with the information publishing system to support basic functions such as split-screen playback, time-sharing playback, and timing on/off.

stretched bar LCD display

What should be paid attention to when using the stretched bar LCD display?

  1. Make sure the cable is disconnected when the power is off.
  2. To ensure the stability and safety of the electrical part, each shutdown time shall not be less than 6 seconds.
  3. The LCD screen is a kind of fragile glass product. Any drop, tapping, and strong vibration may lead to glass rupture; The display area of the LCD display screen is forbidden to press forcibly; The LCD screen and frame cannot be pressed forcibly during installation; The overall flatness of the LCD display should be paid attention to avoid the bending and deformation caused by an external force.
  4. Because the visual characteristics of the LCD screen will change according to different viewing angles, it is necessary to consider the appropriate viewing angle of users, adjust the optimal viewing angle position of the LCD screen during assembly, and change the visual characteristics of LCD screen according to different viewing angles.
  5. When using or storing, be careful of the surface polarizer of the LCD screen to avoid being scratched by hard objects. (It is strictly prohibited to place hard objects on the LCD screen).
  6. If the LCD screen works within the specified temperature, temperature range, and storage range, it may lead to liquid crystal crystallization and irreparable damage; If the operation is above the specified temperature range, the liquid crystal may become isotropic liquid crystal, thus the liquid crystal state cannot be restored. Please save and use the monitor within the allowable temperature range.
  7. On the back side of the LCD screen, the driving part of the circuit has electronic components. Extrusion and damage shall be avoided during design, assembly, and handling. Otherwise, the dysfunction of the LCD screen may be caused by damage to electronic components.
  8. The LCD module adopts CMOS-LSI, so when dealing with the LCD module, there must be good anti-static protection and effective grounding measures.
stretched bar LCD display

The application and parameter characteristics of the stretch bar lcd are closely linked. The Development of the stretched bar LCD display is getting faster and faster, and the product power is getting stronger and stronger. It will be applied to more scenarios in the future.

With the market promotion of products, there are now various industries have an understanding and application of LCD stretched bar screens, especially in the fields of rail transit and new retail, LCD stretched bar screens with flexible size and variable display mode, so that the development of advertisement and logo has played a revolutionary role, and it also provides convenience for people to travel and guidance.

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