How about stretched displays?

Welcome to the world of cutting-edge technology with Stretched displays, guaranteed to take your commercial product showcasing to the next level.

Stretched displays offers a seamless interface that allows for the automatic broadcasting of store ads while showcasing public service advertisements. Its unique features, such as the digitization of price tags, intelligent picture and video-free switching, and cloud-based controls for push, display, and broadcast, make it a perfect choice for retailers seeking to brighten up their spaces. The Ultra-Wide Stretched displays is a recommended choice, with high brightness and an ultra-wide viewing angle that captivates even the most discerning shoppers.

On the other hand, the Stretched displays is perfect for introducing new products and promoting activities in shops, museums, airports, and hotels. Its clear HD resolution ensures that your text and video content always stands out on the screen, while its multiple inputs feature multi-screen synchronization and several media zones, allowing you to customize and tailor your display to fit your exact requirements.

Overall, the Shelf Edge LCD Stretched displays are incredibly high-quality retail solutions that will improve your customers’ experiences and keep their attention for longer periods. Upgrade your retail space today and transform your customers’ experiences.


high brightness and high contrast

Sunlight readable LED backlight display is provided by high brightness and high contrast to improve the visual attraction.

high resolution01 min

high resolution

Upgradeable to 4K UHD resolution for amazing high resolution vision.

Unique aspect ratio

Ultra wide aspect ratio design is very attractive.

aspect ratio01 min
Multiple001 min

Multiple combinations

HDMI is used to connect to playback sources, Stretched displays can also be provided as components, including display, interface board and cable, which can be installed in your own device.

What products we offer...

Stretched displays configured 400cd brightness LCD panel with Android Operating System with 8G ROM and DC12V power input.

Stretched displays adopts closed-type design, which has strong safety performance, simple and elegant design, and adopts industrial quality, stable low-power operation; using templated independent design, easy installation and easy maintenance;

How do we provide...

Stretched displays is designed to replicate the key benefits of the online experience into the physical retail environment. It plays best video to the shopper (including product pricing and information) to improve operational efficiency and provide valuable sales promotion data.

  • Promotions: Launching new products, Present your company, Product promotion, Advertising promotion.
  • Occasion: large shopping mall,supermarket, exhibition,school, hospital, station, government agencies, company show.

Testimonials & FAQ.

"Stretched bar lcd display adopts excellent cutting proportion, high brightness and high contrast display, which can perfectly expand the application fields to gaming, vending, transportation, museums and other LCD digital signage projects. "
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Vivian Doe
Stretched displays is a cutting-edge technology that offers a seamless interface for showcasing commercial products and public service advertisements.
The unique features of Stretched displays include digitization of price tags, intelligent picture and video-free switching, cloud-based controls for push, display, and broadcast.
Retailers, shops, museums, airports, and hotels can benefit from using Stretched displays to brighten up their spaces and promote their products and activities.
Ultra-Wide Stretched displays is ideal for captivates even the most discerning shoppers. The Stretched displays is perfect for introducing new products and promoting activities in various settings.
Stretched displays high-quality retail solutions catch customers’ attention for longer periods and will improve their retail experience.

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