Stretched lcd display in transport

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    Nowadays stretched lcd display allows train stations, buses, metro and other transport facilities to communicate effectively with travellers.

    Stretched lcd display in transport

    Application of Stretched Lcd bar display in transportation:

    Shenzhen Metro Line 10, Stretched bar lcd display not only can effectively provide specific relevant information to prompt passengers to cooperate effectively and reduce necessary trouble.

    But also can be projected from advertisements to content on the state of the facilities, as well as entertain users with local news, climate and other data in real time.

    Benefits of stretched display in transportation:

    • Dissemination of notifications and emergency alerts for passengers.
    • Real-time display and climate data display.
    • Centrally control and advertisment display.
    • Incorporation of advertising.
    • Show social network updates and real-time data of news, time, among others.

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