Supermarket Digital Signage Boosts Sales
Discover how implementing supermarket digital signage can enhance the shopping experience, increase sales, and promote your latest products to customers.

How Supermarket Digital Signage Boosts Sales: A Comprehensive Guide

Supermarkets are big, busy spaces where the selection of products changes every week. By adding supermarket digital signage throughout your store, help your customers find what they need while introducing them to your newest and most profitable products.

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Retail digital signage solutions can help customers navigate supermarkets more smoothly. But it also increases your revenue by improving customer experience, encouraging customer loyalty, and guiding people towards the products with the highest profit margin.

What is Supermarket Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a new media concept. It is a dynamic digital demonstration of broadcast information, TV programs, marketing, menus, and different interactive contents.

It uses a management program system to combine LED, LCD, projection images, and other display technologies to publish commercial information, entertainment, factual information multimedia professional audio-visual systems.

Why Supermarket Digital Signage Is Necessary?

Supermarkets are usually full of static signs, each one with a different function.

There might be a welcome sign above the door, informational hanging signs to show what’s in each aisle, and additional navigational or wayfinding digital signage to help people locate the toilets, cash desk, escalators, or changing rooms. Meanwhile, promotional signs inside and outside the store show off products, and legally mandated health and safety signs mark emergency exits and evacuation routes.

Supermarket Digital Signage Boosts Sales

Supermarket digital signage can do all of this, too. It can replace conventional static signs, which are difficult, expensive, and time-consuming to update. Instead, digital signage can provide bright, eye-catching displays that you can adapt whenever you need to.

In a busy environment like the produce aisle of a supermarket, traditional signs can get lost in the noise. What’s more, when someone shops with you every week, they can become laser-focused on their route around the store and may no longer even notice your signage, let alone your full selection of products.

How to Use Supermarket Digital Signage?

The best part about using supermarket signage is that you can use it at every stage of the customer’s journey to help increase your sales. Here are some ideas for how.

1. Use shop window digital signage to attract attention.

Shop window digital signage is often a customer’s first impression of a store. It encourages the people who are passing outside to come inside. And when more people choose to shop with you rather than a competitor, you’ll probably see a jump in your revenue.

Digital shop window signage is the place to show off your most enticing promotions. And since it’s quick and easy to update digital signs from your computer, it’s much more practical to show time-limited promotions here than on traditional posters or billboards.

Supermarket Digital Signage Boosts Sales

You can use digital signage in your supermarket windows to advertise a buy-one-get-one-free deal on a great new product, a seasonal sale like 20% off homeware, or a price freeze on daily essential products like milk, bread, and butter. If you run other advertising campaigns (for example, with flyers in local newspapers), you can also set your digital shop window signage to tie into these campaigns.

2. Aisles provide more product information.

As well as your headline special offers people might have come inside to find, supermarket aisles are full of other discounts and displays designed to encourage spontaneous purchases throughout a shopping trip.

End aisle displays are a good place to use Supermarket Digital Signage. Supermarkets use these areas to draw attention to products that most people need most of the time. Research has also shown that putting products on end aisle displays encourages people to buy more, even if the products aren’t discounted.

Supermarket Digital Signage Boosts Sales

Since people often linger at the end of an aisle, looking at the overhead signs and checking their list to figure out if they need to go down the aisle or not, you have more time to convince them of the value of the endcap products. Digital signage display is the perfect way to do this.

A slideshow on digital signage display can show the farm where the ingredients came from, awards that a product has won, nutrition information, and pictures from an advertising campaign.

3. Upsell premium products.

Most supermarket shelves are stocked with ranges at different price points–from the everyday value options to the premium lines. Digital signage display is a great place to draw attention to the more luxurious options by encouraging shoppers to splash out and treat themselves, which ultimately increases your sales.

Supermarket Digital Signage Boosts Sales

4. Encourage people to visit every part of your store.

These days, a supermarket is more than a grocery store. It might have a bakery, a butcher, a cheese counter, toys, homeware, a garden center, and even a separate cafe, or dry-cleaner, not to mention a petrol station or car wash.

Digital signage raises awareness of these different departments, increasing the chance customers will visit and spend more of their cash under your roof.

You could try displaying a map of your store to give customers an overview, or advertising one department to customers who are in another. For example, you could put a sign near the cakes in the bakery to point people toward gifts or party supplies.

It’s all about ensuring your customers know about everything you have to offer. They might add extra, non-food items as impulse buys. Or they might remember that you stock bigger-ticket items like electrical appliances so that they return in the future instead of ordering online.

Supermarket Digital Signage Boosts Sales

Digital signage display can also encourage people to spend more in-store by making it easier for them to buy from a counter where they talk to a member of staff rather than serving themselves. In these parts of the supermarket, stock changes every day and a customer can’t pick the product up to read the label. You make these counters less intimidating for new customers by displaying real-time information about what’s available, what it costs, and what allergens it contains. And of course, if you have a cafe within your supermarket, digital signs are a great way to showcase the food and drinks on offer. You can even use your screens as a digital menu board to tempt people to come and recharge when they’ve finished shopping.

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In retail settings, digital signs put messages and advertisements onto digital screens. Without screens, the store would need posters or staff to communicate with customers. Stores can attractively display their range of products and communicate anything they like through digital displays.
Traditional static signs can’t match the attention-grabbing potential of moving images, videos, and interactive content. By showcasing products, promotions, and stories through digital signage, retailers can draw customers in and keep them engaged longer, increasing the likelihood of making a sale.